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  1. Is it possible to get shuttles to deploy mining drones without switching to them and doing it manually? When I give the order to deploy drones from the bridgeviewer, they don't deploy them. Am I not waiting long enough after they are reported to be at the planet? I can deploy them from 1000 or so meters up when I switch to direct control. Anchises GCV Dawn Treader
  2. Anchises

    VERY specific, repeatable crash

    Thanks for the suggestions, I fixed it, with your help. Just on a whim, after checking the replies the other night, I set DPMI to 65535, and VOILA! No more crash. Rattler, when I said "kicked back to DOS," I meant out to Windows, where the error message was in the DOS box. Incidently, SC, I did have a problem with MIDI causing crashes, so I turned it off. Again, thanks for the suggestions and help! Anchises GCV Dawn Treader
  3. Anchises

    VERY specific, repeatable crash

    I'm running 2.09. I'm fairly sure the crash is something specific to how I've got my machine configured, probably in the shortcut. I'm absolutely certain my AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS are set to FAQ specs. The only thing I can figure is that it's either the Initial Environment or DPMI settings. As I posted above, I've got initial environment set to 5120, and DPMI set to 32768. Honestly, the more I play the game the more I like it. I want to get this worked out. Anchises GCV Dawn Treader
  4. The game crashes on my system whenever I give "BC ORDERS" to attack when A/P is on AI mode. I get the dreaded "General Protection Fault" and am kicked back to DOS. This is the only time the game crashes on me now. I've tweaked for days and days, and it works fine, except for that. I have also searched recent posts on this board for similar posts. My system specs: PII-350 64Megs Ram SB-64PCI sound card Voodoo2-1000 8-Meg 3DFX Win98 My shortcut settings are EXACTLY as the FAQ suggests, with Initial Environment set to 5120 (that's where the crashes stopped) and DPMI set to 32768. After going through the FAQ about a dozen times (with it in one window and a DOS session in the other to make sure I had everything exactly right) and a clean install & patch-patch-mappak-patch, I got the game running great, except for that crash, which is very repeatable, on my system. I am assuming this is a DPMI problem, from what I see on other posts. Question: Is it safe to set DPMI to 65535 with 64 Megs RAM? If so, might this help? Anchises GCV Dawn Treader [This message has been edited by Anchises (edited 01-10-2000).] [This message has been edited by Anchises (edited 01-10-2000).]
  5. Anchises

    Ship motto's

    I'm still formulating my ship's personality, but for right now, it's: "I suggest a frontal assault." After a tangle with a star station that had already been beaten within an inch of its life, I may change it. :-) ------------------ CMDR Anchises GCV Dawn Treader