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  1. i have a few characters. my favourite character has 148 saves already (always making backups, once i had a corrupt save and had to restart) if i click on observe on any planet the game just crash to desktop. but only with this character. if i load an another existing one or just start a new roam, observe is working. a few weeks ago this character had no problems with observe, but this just started to happen, now every observe tries ends as a crash (tried to load a month old save game, but its crash the game also) is there anyway to fix it or i have to forget the game? (i dont want to roll over or to select an another character as my main, i spent almost 2 years in this character) thanks in advance
  2. Ekre

    Ubisoft does it again

    all upcoming ubi titles will have this drm. im a subsim (and all kind of sim) fan, but ill not buy this crap. tbh one of my friends pre-ordered AC2 and he cant play the game for several days.
  3. Ekre

    Star Trek Online

    just played a few hours, its just a typical themepark mmo (STO as a sandbox, hmm, its just a dream). btw its mechanics just the same as it was in Pirates of The Burning Seas (i mean the zoning and the space maps), a few beta testers called it Pirates of The Burning Space, guess why GCO will be my space MMO (cant wait, cant wait, caaaaaant waaaaaait), and maybe Infinity, if it will be ready sometime.
  4. Ekre

    Merry Christmas!

    a bit later, but i wish merry christmas for everyone, and i wish a happy new year too! (yeah yeah, for Resnig as well )