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  1. Larik

    Altitude Problems?

    Thank you.
  2. Larik

    Altitude Problems?

    I've searched around and haven't been able to find an answer to this issue but I've found what sound like examples of being able to set very precise waypoints (such as in a station blindspot). However, anytime I set a waypoint, whether in space or on a planet, it always defaults to the very bottom of the "box" that represents the 3d area. Anytime I click the setpos button it reverts to a direct top down view regardless of how I have the camera set up or it's zoom level so I can only seem to control two dimensions. Is there a way to set the Z axis as well? I've tried everything I can think of while setting the position including trying to tilt the view and set a new "bottom" plain through zooming, read the manual from the epilepsy warning to the final page but I haven't found anything that has mentioned controls for this. I did find more specific controls just for TACOPS but that doesn't seem to cover the Z axis. Am I doing something wrong or is there just no way to set the Z axis for waypoints? Is that what the guide meant by: "The altitude of the waypoint is also displayed at the base of the waypoint stalk. Sometimes this value will be negative due to the terrain elevation at the waypoint location. This is perfectly normal and has no adverse effects."? I took it to mean that I didn't have to worry about the height if I just wanted to set a travel plan, like dropping a mining drone and whatnot. Any help with what I'm missing or a confirmation that I just can't set the Z axis would be appreciated.