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  1. YEEE HA! since I haven't recieved any replies, I decided to just reinstall the game. What was there to lose? I backed up the saves and reinstalled! Then I loaded a game with a launched missile. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I know I am bringing up and old thread and that UC is not supported anymore. I just don't want to create a knew one and do want to show that it has been happening! I have a toshiba satellite, with 100g hard drive and 1g RAM. I have a 1.73 ghz intel pentium processer. I have soundMAX well obviously sound. I have SP 3 I get what the first post is describing an explosion, target destroyed, and then CTD with this program did an illegal opperation error message. Send error report? I usually click don't send. Ok all I am asking is if there is anything I can do to STOP this, and how would I do it. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE! Update: I've tried all I can think of. It was interesting to note however, that the CTD only occured if the OTS missile hit a destructable oblect. I fired one at the ground and nothing happened.
  3. Ok, I docked at a station, sold my numega I picked up from a pod, and repaired, well the cheif engineer did it, navitron. If this happens just don't assign anybody to it, and when you dock, afterwards you can fix it (while you're docked too) I cloaked and saw my thruster tail, but It seems things should be able to shoot you out of the sky with a thing like that. I Still don't get like 5 people go to 99% Lf randomly? I think thats more than scratches at lunch (unless SC made the ship really dangerous).-LOL
  4. Ok, whoa that sounds hard. Have you done it?
  5. Hey, how would one go about taking over galcom HQ? Cloak then warp to it? then unload all you've got once you're in a blind spot ?
  6. Yes well very imaginative story, but I do fear that for the mind that wants to know the best ways to PLAY the game, it falls sadly short in explaining it. Wolferz, do you have any other REAL stories about marines, other than the two waves of 20 attacking your bridge. (those shotguns MUST be powerful ) Wow, my marines are worn out after 10. Not dead, just worn out. One time before I started locking marines in my craft, they stole a shuttle, and the stupid guy just sat there! I turned off my PTA's and and in a fury tried to tractor him. I was closing at top speed, and was reckless and I ran into the shuttle LOL! It blew up and brought my armor down to 93!! Sobered, I reloaded one of my saved games and promised myself it wouldn't happen again. But that was a while ago.
  7. Ok I know how to play the game pretty well in space, I've only played as a marine on version 1.00.01. I just died all the time. I don't want to capture all the stations because then there wouldn't be many enemies! I Have found a pretty good trade route on the subject of capturing stations. Capture the one in Mantisi and the one in Chalins, they're seperated only by a jump point and there is a 30% inflation difference. I know how to fight really efficiently in my cc (suprising if shield goes below 90), take on everything and anything that gets in my way, and use sets of 2 fighters (one heavy and one super, I fly the megaron) to take out anything without fighters. You really have to micromanage their every move, but you have lots of time in HS. I thank ye all for your help. I still have to play the game with all the new stuff I have learned, and I'll do something about this. I'll just repair it to 98 or something like that and then suspend it. SC said that 100% functionality is about as good as 80% because they are devided into levels, operational, slightly damaged, etc. Aklidien, you did help alot by posting that link, and by posting in the first place, I just haven't had time to really sit down and play the game. I have a jinxed region in the gammulan system: Otura-6. I did play for over 2 hours and that station was sitting in the dust. But I'll run it in a supernova again, and that will set things to rights (I hope). You know, thats really the only way to get your crew experienced quickly (as in the least time I play). Am I wrong? Right now, my game is frozen as I plan to get to my base in Mantisi. If you've read my tips and tricks, you knew I was building a base in gamma-2, but no longer. I have started a terran insurgant game because you will be court martialed if you use RANDOM in military. Mantisi is a very logical choice as it is next to a great trade route(Rogan doesn't have much to buy, that is a problem) and in three hops you have access to a world of fluxfields (plus two black holes!) and more importantly, the RADINE mines in falakerine territory! I'm going to drop two drones for Radine, and two more in my base, did I mention Mantisi doesn't have anything on its planet?
  8. Is it true about the intruder leaving that bomb, and do they do things like that often?
  9. Oh, about the cloaking, yes what the nightstar was doing is strange because I could SEE it! I didn't make it clear that I could accually see the ship, It looked like a nighstar, not just a fizzling white blob. And you're not supposed to see cloaked ships on radar even if the're firing right?-or wrong. Mybe it is just normal. One thing that is not normal, or is not supposed to happen is that there are these thruster tails that appear in the game very randomly, if you look at something, sometimes it is there like the exhaust of a thruster just sitting there in space, very strange. it dosent move it has no visible ship that its coming from. When landing a shuttle on a planet, in 3rd person view I saw it there to. It is definately not normal, I'll get a shot when I can, if I remember. (oh I hate it, I always forget to take screenshots). It seems like every prisioner in my detention hold escapes?? whats with that. Nothing wrong with the ship. THe manual says sometimes prisioners will escape whether the detention hold is damaged or not. So, is this normal? THe reason that I told people my computer specs is if anyone has any solutions to my CTDs. I know you can't support everything. I hear your "don't mess with settings" but if I lowered hardware acceleration a notch would that do it? That station takes 2 hours to rebuild. Does that mean 2 hours straight, without saving? But yes my systems take random damage, first bridge was at 100 but CE said it was damaged, and Navitron plunks down to 50% repeatedly. I shall try just not fixing them and seeing what happens.
  10. Thanks for that link aklidien It looks like SC says that there is nothing to fix. I had the bridge problem go away when I told it to be repaired at a station. I do have minerals on board from mining in Mondiai. I am going to sell them WHATS WITH PEOPLE'S LF GOING FROM 100 TO 99 RANDOMLY, THEN TO 100? Any more advice about damaged systems that don't seem to have a cause would be appreciated. I don't understand it. And those CTDs is there anything I can do about those. Also I destroyed a station in Kuger and came back several hours later and it was still 5 units armor. I did shoot it after it was disabled just to make sure. Also when you shoot while cloaked (without the artifact) it has that white stuff? well a nightstar had that (not yellow like armor damage) fizzling all over it and it was attacking things with PTAs. But it was visible on radar, and it even gave me that thingy that tells you where to shoot.
  11. Ok, I have a toshiba satellite and it has 100g hd, 1g RAM, and its is 1.73 ghz. It has windows xp service pack 3. Here is a list of the problems I am having (I'm a terran insurgent). I am just wondering if I am missing the obvious, and if there is any way to fix it. I'm not saying the game is faulty. With that said, every once in a while I get a CTD, especially when loading saved games (I save alot because of these CTDS) It will run all night in a supernova, don't get me wrong. I am also having weird in-game problems. Once bridge was 100% and recieved no damage, but it kept having to be repaired when it was already 100%!. (Chief engineer AI over 35) random crewmember's LF will go to 99 and back to 100 in a little while. Its just random, my brother and I joke how i'm plagued with the "common cold" This is not viral as vacpacks don't work on em. (MO AI over 35) Now, Navitron computer goes to 50% without intruders or damage to ship anywhere else. When 10 system engineers repair it, it says Navitron computer damages, then Navitron compter has been repaired right after. I look in logistics and its back to 50%!!! THis is now the 4rth time!!! i'm fed up. I sent RE to medibay and detention hold (oh, prisioners never stay there for long???). But nothing happened so I returned her to on station. Where else can you send her? I don't get whats happening. All this (exept CTDS) started hapening after I left my craft in a supernova for the second time. I'm sure its my system not coperating with the game, or some mysterious devices intruders have put on my ship, but could anyone shed some light on all this? This game is really getting quite irksome. (I have NEVER been damaged aside from intruders and am all upgraded except for artifacts, plus I have an inventory worth of 300 million including credits.)
  12. Where can I find this tool? Is it easy to use? I might not ever use it, because once you have your ship upgraded etc. you're loathe to start a new mission
  13. I do not think so as it is unsupported, released for free and they don't come with it, and I don't think UCCE even has them! We probably would see threads asking how to use them if they were availiable. How do you browse the forum, I mean there are only like 3 or 4 threads here that aren't archived? Ahh, in the the bottom box where it has the meaning of the symbols and the menus to select stuff click where it says 30 days and select show all. now you can browse!
  14. Do Not Quote An Entire Post As That Eats Up Space! ABOUT MINING DRONES I have not played this game for 2 weeks because I have much to do! so the info might be slighly incorrect. I will edit as soon as I play They can get lost when you send your shuttles to retrieve them. Shuttles can get stuck. Don't waste your time trying to fix it. Just always save BEFORE you attempt to retrieve drones! I believe you are confused about that drone "cheat". I will make sure later after 2 weeks are up, so just read it for now. If you click on the LOADOUT tab in TACTICAL and find a docked SC and click the DRONE tab, in the little box where it says 1 in the upper left, if you click it, you can select any of the drones using the loadout of any shuttle. However, drone 1 is always shone first when you click on a shuttle, so if you click on shuttle 1-drone, then 2-drone, ect then it may seem all your drones are X full!(because its showing drone 1 every time) Don't be fooled! Like I said, I'm sure you have tested this, so if I'm wrong (I WILL CHECK!) I will just modify it to make sure people are aware of this point. Usually put your drones on planets, becuase then you can find them easier using the Drone screen in Tactical. If you just put it on a moon, it will say drone on moon X but if a planet, Drone on Lv105 (I know thats not what it says exactly) It is generally accepted that planets that take longer to mine on turn up more valuable minerals Here is a list of Planets, and what they turn up the most of: (Please PM me with planets so I can add them without cluttering the tread. I will soon start making one) Mybe its all just random, like different minerals every time you load or something. Planet/Moon Mineralology Gamma 2 moon 2: Slow mining, mostly Aluminum. (confirmed once by three drones). Planet in Mondial 4 drones brought up 1150 aluminum. Other than that there are some pretty valuable minerals in there (Barium, Cadnium, Argon etc). Sorry, only about 20 dimond. Planet in Tarean: Alot of aluminum tiny amount of plutonium like 20 units from 4 drones. Some good minerals though (4 drones several times) Planet in Majoris: Quite a bit of Aluminum, nothing struck me as special. Some good minerals though (4 drones) LV 105:________ (confirmed by once one drone) Mantis_________ (confirmed once by four drones) "WARNING ACQUIRED!" UnderLord, I thank ye for posting . The aquired warning means another ship has made you their objective (to destroy) It may be many up to 5 mins before you are attacked. To see what kind of ship is attacking you, go to the SPACE tab on the RADAR and click ENEMYS. It will show you all in the vicinity. Look for the ship(s) that have your crafts name in the target colum. This ship(s) will attempt to attack you. Look at their range and type, if they are a fighter, they will emerge from hyperspace soon so run and get your sheild up and PTA system on. If not, find the target in the right display and look at it, as you know it will tell you how soon it will get to you so you get time to run, or fight. Running, most of the time, is just plain silly cuz you're much better than the brute(s), but if you don't have a joystick, you might as well if its a sizeable target with lots of fighters. I cannot stress, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! Now a word about using FLUXFIELDS Look on the navitron, or if you have a map of the galaxy, and blue things that say i.e. flux 4 are fluxfields. A flux 4 will get you to another flux 4 on the map, or sometimes off the map. You MUST save in a different slot called FLUXFIELD before these or just use one you can remember, because they are HIGHLY unstable and do destroy ships. You might also not like were you endup. If you disable launches on your fleet ship(s) and tell them to escort you, then use a fluxfield to get to a different part of the galaxy, they will, in time, follow. Don't disable their weapons, but they will fly (somehow) and end up with you . Big ships may take a long time. I was in the Syrion quad and jumped to Gam quad (using flux 10s) then started conquest, and my ships followed, the big ones after I had taken five stations .
  15. Remember guys, this post is to help commanders get ahead. Just because you feel "I found out the hard way, why can't they" doesn't mean you shouldn't overcome that and post. I know this feeling first hand. I worked on some "advanced" hydrogen technology for over a year, and freely gave information away that I found by much trial and error, such as how to make a hydrogen bazooka, extremely fast production unit, and general knowlege concerning electrolysis in tap water with no additives. I first felt the above emotion, but then I thought all the time and $ I had spent, and wanted to save my friends the trouble. Most of these units you can hold in the palm of your hand, yet they make like 500ml of hydrogen in under a minute. Anyway, without charity, the world would be a very different place. I acknowlege that many of you don't feel this way, but do want to encourage those who do. What do you know, an invention is harder to give away than game tips so I might be wrong. do want to thank you all for your posts, but wish for you to use this thread to help others. What do you know, an experienced commander, marine, pilot etc. may learn stuff they didn't know about. We will make this thread glorious comrades, Therefore post for the motherland!
  16. I docked at LV105 station and noticed the inflation rate was a wopping 50%! I think my newly acquired stations are not getting enough traffic. Is there anyway I can help trading? Is there any way to maintain stations?
  17. If your systems ever start going wacko. "WHY CAN'T I USE NAVITRON!" Make sure all your officers are on the bridge! Conquest Update: Masses of fighters attacked my guards on LV110. Heavy fighter losses. Some ships don't have any. All enemies destroyed. I am going to retract defensive screen and let the stations do the work. The Gammulans shall pay! I am refitting right now in my base, gammula 2 and am about to collect 3 mining drones worth of cargo!
  18. I read that OTS destroyed bases permanently. Is this true? My conquest of Gamma 2 is going great. I have taken everything up to lV 110. Ships guard all the navagational points... I lost two fighters because they attacked a station before I could recall them. I bought two and they are in my cargo bay but I can't use them! How do I replace fighters? You replace fighters by buying a FC asset at a station and then once you launch, going to tactical-loadout-FC-whichever one(s) was destroyed-click option replace FC X.
  19. I'm really sorry you haven't got a reply. Sometimes the top of the menu flickers in my game. It looks to me like you have your own mini old-tech radar! restart the application and that fixes it for me. Also don't press start or menu keys and then bring up your game. Mine isn't usually the same. Happy exploring!
  20. ONE MORE THING SAVE SAVE SAVE! like every region or two. Or big victory. The game can crash and I don't really like cheating, but sometimes you have to. I hate repairing! but I never let my shield go down in combat now. Its always off when the enemies are at a distance however... I'm still exploring upgrades to the ships systems. The reactor and armor are bieng upgrades, well now (its frozen in a file).
  21. I know most of this is very small to all you big players but it should give beginners a helping hand. [i'm intermediate :-)] I have the original game, and the sheet, manual, and box that came with it. I will repeat my question here. IS THERE ANYWAY TO UPGRADE/PATCH VERSION 1.00.1 or the very first UC? It would be nice to have multiplayer! 1. I suggest against using fighters to take on capital ships or other fighters. Turn which-ever part of your cc that has the most turrents to face and destroy fighters and light craft. I use them when I'm heading into a region to take out the ods while i'm in hyperjump, then recall them before I leave. 2. NEVER let your fleet attack a station! Most of them (if not all as they arrive at seperate times) will get SLAUGHTERED. When you enter a region and there is a hostile station, always force your ships to escort you!!!!! 3. Turn your sheild off, and all that unecessary junk (Clone, cloak, launch control, charger, ect.) when you're not using them. You'll go alot farther. 4. Guns are WAY better than missiles. And I think when you jam, your missle looses its lock anyway. (Don't quote me) 5. See post 13 about fluxflields, mining drones, planet mineral values and "warning acquired" 6. Underlord's tips about getting to stations fast and keeping intruders from stealing your craft. See post #14 7. Hyperjump, EMD, and Cloak all keep intruders OFF. Don't use EMD too much and if a missile is launched, turn it off then on, as it is less efective with prolonged use. (I think that is only each time it is turned on) Tip on the advanced campaign. Read miscon carefully. Pick up your escorts then get to the Falkerie race's place. You'll see a bunch or nutral ships "escorting" you. those are what you're supposed to escort. Fly (yes it takes seveval hours) to your destination. (YOU MAY BE ABLE TO FLUX IT USING LUX 10! READ post 13) Then go to a place in our worst enemy's (Gammulan, humble oppinion)quadrant and build up your base. I could say more but I'm not going to give it all away. Believe me you'll be rewarded for your pactience in many more ways than one. 4. Disable your fleet's launches via fleet c&c Until you near your destination. I lost 2 of my firestorms fighters because they attacked a station. On my trip several interesting things happened: A fighter destroyed a friendly starwarrior when they dueled. The fighter got creamed, so SOS he begged. I was mad because that was my favorite ship (comrad), and there was nowhere to tow him so I made him pay. I ran into 3 storm carriers. 2 were neutral and one was hostile. Bam those things are EASY to destroy. Shield never went below 90, and its 8 fighters were popp'in. In the "great battle", 2 of my fleet were damaged but I, a thrd member of my fleet, and all the escortees were OK. THAT was insane! BAM--BAM--BAM, fighters bursting every second or so. Sorry about the atrocious english but I don't have any time left and I want to get my point across. TIPS PLEASE! Happy sailing!
  22. This is not a substitute to the guides created for the game. It is additional help. After you read the manuals, read the appendix! You'll find out almost everything you want to know. KEEP CHECKING BACK AS POSTS ARE UPDATED, I DON'T WANT TO CLUTTER EVERYTHING WITH TONS OF MY OWN NEW POSTS. DO FEEL FREE TO ADD AND POST HOWEVER! Most Tips Are Found On Post 3, 13, and 14 I don't really know manytips or tricks, but I have found using key commands to access menus like tactical= alt +t ( I'll check into that). Most menus have commands that use alt of control plus their first letter. WORKS FOR ME. Ever found yourself flying thru space and your ship jumping to another region. "COME BACK YOU STUPID BASTARD!" well you can get back on your ship ANYWERE IN THE GALAXY (hypothesis)! Just press ALT+D ITS THAT EASY! first time i did that (I was desperately trying things) I found myself in the cockpit of my ship. I wondered if it was true. I saved that game and reloaded it to make sure it was really me! And the ship had been in another region then where i was! Its kindof creepy at first. NOTE: If you target something else it won't work. Like I used a supply station to see if I could make it Terran and I couldn't get back in my ship that way. You can't take over or destroy supply stations. Browse the forum to learn more! see post 18 OK COMMANDERS UPLOAD YOUR TIPS & TRICKS!
  23. I have the original 2004 universal combat version 1.00.01 It doesn't have an update menu. Thanks for the link!
  24. my game CTD when I try to resupply using TRADCOM. I have version 1.00.01 Can you upgrade for free? Anything I can do to make this better? PLEASE HELP!!!
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