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  1. I'm going to see it tomorrow... Not in IMAX though.
  2. meh... i love the new site interface!
  3. AWESOME!!! C++ is easy! will you make it moddable?
  4. A session of Paranoia or two would be nice. anyone here have a rulebook?
  5. what language is the AAW engine coded in? Im a modder. i personally dont like tools unless its in some insane code.
  6. im amazed you figured out how to turn on your computer. save files are in wherever you keep your UC file, usually, C:/Program Files/300AD/ Universal Combat/data/ Save files or something like that.
  7. to the internet!!! im probably gonna link up a paypal just for this!
  8. people are stupid, hence the overuse of everything they come into contact with.
  9. hypothetically, i could go get a torrent, but i wont. you guys deserve the money from the games.... and i like multiplayer. sadly though i have no way of buying anything from you. i rarley ever pirate, but i never EVER steal from indie devs. EVER. if its some giant company, sure, no loss to them. plus pirated downloads tend to be saturated with viruses.
  10. Are there modding tools for the free version of BC or UC?
  11. NOOOOOOO battlefront was EPIC!!!! same with timeslpitters! devs hint: map editors are awesome
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