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    Cannot Leave A Planet On Uc !

    It works,thanks a lot ! Merci et salut a tous les fran├żais (hello french ^^)
  2. FlaNby

    Cannot Leave A Planet On Uc !

    I'm sorry for the name of the game but it's simply Universal Combat on the box of the game(not CE,AWA,gold..). I'm on 2.00.30 version. I use an AZERTy keyboards. And no,Shifht+9 don't work even in space
  3. Hi all ! First,sorry for my english So,my problem is i haven't succed in leave a planet.I'm at 14k height,press Shift and 9,but nothing happen,hyperdrive don't start ! I rode some tuto and subjects on it,and maybe i have to fix a waypoint in space,but how do it when you are on a planet ? I hope you will help me,because this game roxx(what's more, i bought it ) and i really love it. Thanks a lot ! EDIT :i've a Battlecruiser Mk1(Heavy carrier),no damaged.The O on the right of the HUD when approching 14k flash.