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  1. Thank you for the birthday message.

  2. Aklidien

    Am I Missing Something?

    Woah, more questions =] Here's some answers to a few of them, but I have no idea what you should do about the floating thruster tails and the semi-cloaked nightstar. 1) If your prisoners are always escaping, you can station marines to the detention hold. That keeps them from living long enough to get out of the room if they escape. 2) When I used to play the origional UC edition, it crashed every 5-10 minutes without exception. There was nothing I could do to fix it. As RT said, CE crashes about 5 times less, so I really suggest getting UC's newest version. 3) The time for the station to rebuild is in real time. So you'd have to leave your computer on for 2 hours for it to repair. You could also just capture it instead of shooting it. 4) Sry I wasn't able to help with the random damage to your systems. Maybe try selling all the items labeled P/SYSTEMS in addition to all upgrades? I had to sell my bridgeviewer unit before it stopped. You could try selling any extra nav computers.
  3. Aklidien

    Roaming vs Campaign

    Intruders do leave bombs around your ship if you give them enough time. Though, I've never heard anything about a Canibinoid gas bomb being found on mine.
  4. Aklidien

    Am I Missing Something?

    Same thing's happening to my Bridge, but it's not a problem with intruders. If intruders had planted a magical re-exploding bomb, my officers would be long dead by now. My bridge keeps falling to 50%, but doesn't take any items to repair. After the 5th time, I got fed up and told my engineers to stop. I checked its health again, and it instantly repaired. All this began happening after my Chief Engineer reached 35% AI, which is when he starts auto-assigning people to repair stuff. That might mean something. I don't know if it's a glitch or if the CE just gets bored and blows stuff up, but it seems useless since the systems somehow repair themselves and don't take anything to repair... =/ Edit: Oh, found another thread with the same question: <http://www.3000ad.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2001442&pid=18528&mode=threaded&start=#entry18528>. It looks like it's all the CE's fault. If you're carrying upgrades, he will go on a mad repairing spree. Just get rid of the parts or upgrade them
  5. Aklidien

    Ucce - Can Always Hear Combat Sounds

    I've had this problem too. It sometimes happens when the CAS is green and there are no ships in the area. So that means it's not a problem with the 250km limit for sound, unless there are mysterious cloaked ships everywhere I go...
  6. Aklidien

    Roaming vs Campaign

    I thought that you could keep playing your save from campaign once you finish all of the missions. I keep hearing that it just switches to roam. If you just retire from active duty when you finish, then maybe I should play roam instead =/ And one other thing, are there any items/artifacts/locations that don't appear in roam? I read that some people weren't able to find the Nightstar with the HSD in their roam game. Thanks in advance
  7. I know how to easily capture star stations, but I have no idea how to capture enemy star bases on planets. I've tried lowering their health to make them send an SOS signal, but no matter how low their health is, they never send one. Is there some special way to capture a star base that's different from a station? Or are you just not allowed to capture star bases? Thanks in advance =]