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  1. This is terrible. Judging by some of the stuff on shacknews, DNF would have been a fantastic game. http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/58570
  2. Derek, there are those of us who would argue that more play time means a better value (one of the things that contribute towards the game's quality, others being graphics, interface, gameplay, etc.) Many people would include it in their criteria of a good game. Quantifying playtime can be kind of an ambiguous process, I agree, but your approach can only make so much of a difference. For example. You can't stretch out call of duty 4 to 15 hours, unless you are you spend lots of time deliberately standing around and staring at the ground for no apparent reason. You may not be able to place an exact quantification on a game's length, but a rough estimation is certainly possible and canáhelp to one to gauge the appeal of the game in question. That said, Derek's games all seem like they pack a lot of playtime. Izzanbaad, that's not entirely true. Screenshots may be fairly limited in their depiction of a game, but videos can help you to gauge both the graphics and gameplay. If an enemy is taking an entire magazine to kill, you might have cause to question the quality of the gameplay. If the AI demonstrate a lack of tactial skill and "creativity", then you definitely have cause to question the gameplay. Derek, Im curious. Obviously the land vehicles wouldn't be able to match the speed of the air vehicles, but im assuming that they are "pretty" fast right? What if you are driving around and you're vehicle is taking hits, forcing you to jump out before it blows up. In that kind of a situation, would you have to retrace your steps on foot, back to a base for a new means of transportation? The new screens are looking pretty nice. There are some blury weapon textures such as here though http://www.3000ad.com/aaw/media/shots/09-04-30/pic005.PNG Does the game use detail textures to preserve quality up close? I also noticed some clipping during reloading in a video on gametrailers.
  3. The precursors won't strictly be a space combat game, for anyone who doesn't know. It features on foot, fps gameplay and vehicles too.
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