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  1. Well SC I really don't know what the problem was to be exact. I know what I done to get it back to working and uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. did not help at all. Now what I did do was in this order: Disk Defrag & then cleanup, Reg Defrag & Cleanup (Uniblue Registry Booster 2009 ver2.1.0.0), Scanned with Norton 360 (registered) and then I went and ran the Chkdsk program to see if there where any errors on the hard drive itself. Guess what....no errors were found at all. After the system restarted then I went into the Registry and deleted any and all registry values associated with UCCE & Universal Combat Collector's Edition and rechecked my system for any file(s) associated with this program. After all of this I repeated all that I done to begin with and, for the last time, restarted my system. Once I got back into Vista, I re-downloaded the program from RegNow (digital river) and ran it. The program installed and didn't even ask for the registration name and key (found out once you do it the first time then it doesn't ask for it again). Anyway I ran the Updater and got the 1.01.04 file installed and then ran the program. Aside from having to fix the screen res and turning off that annoying music the program ran just fine. As a matter of fact, it ran just as good as it did before my boys installed the Beta stuff. Now, as I stated above, I have no idea if what I did was the solution but, like I said, everything that I told you is what I done and that fixed the problem. As well, as I told you to begin with, I knew the UCCE program wasn't the problem but with the error code that was given I just figured since you are the inventor/programmer of this series of games then maybe you could have offered me some insight as to what I was overlooking. Now that did not happen. Don't get me wrong, I am not downing you in any way. I believe, wholeheartedly, that these games are very well thought out and designed and I look forward, personally, to seeing what else you cook up. However when I bring an issue with some program to someone who is the inventor/programmer then I look to them for some form of guidance. Shoot...I have been dealing with computers since 1980 and I have learned my way around with one. Although with the way that todays programming is being done then dinosaurs like me are left out in the field. So that would explain why I was needing some info or something to help me understand what I was overlooking. Well that is about all for now. I hope you don't take anything that I said the wrong way cause I most assuredly did not mean for it to sound as such. Anyway, have yourself a good day and a good morning to boot.
  2. Alright SC I fixed the problem. Doing as you suggested didn't help any since I had been doing that all along, however, I did manage to get it up and running again. I appreciate you taking time to respond. Have a good'un.
  3. Well SC I found out today that one of my kids installed ucce_2_0_0_BETA02 and then BETA 12 and finally BETA 15 over top of the 1.01.04 version (btw very nicely done with the graphics). Anyway, the program didn't show any of the icons at the bottom of the screen after BETA 15 was installed. I thought the program had just messed up when I tried running it and because of the random crashes it was doing with the Engstrom ship. After talking extensively with my kids this was the overall case. So I read up on the Beta stuff and deleted the entire program, removed any files and folders that was left over & removed any registry entries that would be related to UCCE in any form. Afterwards, I restarted, reinstalled and came to my previous post. Had I known what my boys done when I posted then I would have included all of this to begin with but being as it was late when I posted that wasn't going to happen. Anyway, is there something else that maybe you could offer me that would help in getting the game to work that I am sure that I have overlooked?
  4. Well I had to completely uninstall UCCE (ver 1.01.04) due to this error: Access violation at 0x0059F97C (tried to read from 0x000001D9), program terminated. Afterwards I ran the Disk Cleanup, Registry Cleanup & Defrag and finally restarted the system. Once all this was said and done, I reinstalled UCCE once again and patched it. Then launched the program with no problems and when I got back to the Roam, ACM, Instant Action, etc. screen, I clicked on the Roam button and got this error once again. Restarted the program, ran fine, clicked on the ACM button, got error again. So far, I have been thru this process for the last 10 hrs trying to figure out what I am overlooking. Just to let folks know, I know for a fact that this program works and it worked just fine until the last 36 hrs. I'd appreciate any input, info, etc. that could possibly help me out. Oh, here is my DxDiag file, just in case