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  1. Aye, I figured out why It wasn't working. For some reason, my video card couldn't pull off the hyperdrive graphical effect, and so it would just halt with an exception when it tried to do so. By disabling the effect, I am now able to work the hyperdrive properly. Issue resolved.
  2. I have noticed that after installing and updating UCCE, that I cannot seem to get the hyperdrive to work. In the ACM A Fragile Hope, when starting out, a Nightstar and a Sentry are jumping to your position to engage you and three friendly warships are jumping to assist. For me, they start to jump, enter hyperspace, and sit still, never accelerating. This seems to be happening indefinitely, but I gave up waiting after about 15 minutes. Also, I experienced the same problem when trying to jump to the nearest planetary body, Pravis. I entered hyperspace, but never accelerated. Any Ideas?
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