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  1. Oooh shiny! Fileplanet beta! I love these things! but wait!... Having just installed the AAW demo from Fileplanet AND the patch, the game refuses to run. On clicking the desktop icon (or the exe file directly) ByteShield loads and briefly reads "loading application", then promptly and reproducibly crashes every time with "Aaw.bbz Has Stopped Working" Public Fail. Anyone know a fix? Vista Premium, DX10 etc latest nVidia drivers Little else of relevance, given its a software issue. Also when you've got a beta on fileplanet, I'm pretty sure you should at least be professional enough to to create a forum explicitly for the game in question, if not also bug-reports and chat. Posting these issues in the generic 'Tech support' board is far from ideal, as we've no idea who reads it, who cares, whether its even relevant or whether we should even bother. Poor. C-
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