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    Notes From A Galciv2 Player

    I have a number of games on my regular "rotation". UCCE, KOTOR, C&C3, and Galciv2 keep me occupied quite nicely. I was very close to coming out of the Galciv2 phase for a while when the massive server failure hit Stardock. Since the server I use to post GC2 scores is also down, I have spent a fair amount of time perusing the Demigod forums. In my opinion, Stardock is in a world of hurt right now. The WOW/DoTA crowd has it's own "unique" culture, and I can't help but wonder whether it is worth the trouble for a smallish game developer to target this particular demographic. Time will tell, but my impression as a first-hand witness to the events of late is that Stardock probably strayed a little too far from their comfort zone on this one. This situation may or may not result in some other GC2 players showing some renewed interest in 3000AD. I have mentioned UCCE a couple of times, and someone (not me) started a "Brad Wardell vs Derek Smart" thread in one of the forums. I posted a subtle warning in said thread regarding the fate of trolls on this site, so hopefully you will not be seeing any of those. Now that I have replicated my lost mod, am off for a long-overdue UCCE marathon! I can't wait to ease my massive weapons-laden cloaked ship up next to some unsuspecting hostiles and turn on all the turrets. Hehe. It don't get much better than that. I'm going to try the "steal a fighter from the ground" trick this time around also. Sheer brilliance, I tell you, sheer brilliance.
  2. Snarkotamus

    Happy Birthday SC!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday from me as well! I'm glad I decided to come back and check things out! Lots of exciting things going on here. I will certainly buy the v2.0 UCCE upgrade, and will likely purchase the All Aspects Warfare game. Thanks for keeping the Battlecruiser series going, and continuing to demonstrate such a commendable commitment to your fanbase!
  3. Snarkotamus

    It/is Lingo

    One of the other games I play is having some...errrr....difficulties with their servers. At one point, the server I want to use was described as "obstinate". Not knowing what to make of this, I searched around for some definitions. "Obstinate: The afflicted device tends to emit destructive bolts of plasma energy, strangles technicians with creeping tentacles of wire, and/or fires intermittent bursts of hex screws at velocities of 500 ft/sec or more". When the deflicted server improves from "Obstinate" to "Unstable", it is somewhat easier to fix. "Unstable: The temporal rift that has been creating a direct connection between the server and HELL has closed enough so that only the smallest demons can squeeze through. These can typically be slain with a sharpened screwdriver. Ravenous hordes of flesh-eating maggots no longer ooze from the power supply, and the graphics department is not generally required to act as fire support. At this point, the bones of previous technicians can be safely recovered and repairs can proceed with minimal risk of death or dismemberment"
  4. Snarkotamus

    Do People Still Come Around Here?

    I have returned to re-familiarize myself with UCCE modding so I can duplicate the mod I lost when the old computer went over to the dark side. I was spiderofdestiny before, but I lost that login info, and I have since switched e-mail accounts.