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  1. This is just a fake first person HUD (photoshop), but that's how I imagine that UC world would look like from inside a marines helmet: Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. I wish I could have reworked the HUD for the assets and FP (rearrange the buttons, maybe put some sort of an image overlay to simulate the 2D cockpit and the bridge like old Battlecruiser 3000k was), but I guess that would mean a totally new GUI and totally new game.
  3. If anyone is still playing UCAWA and wants the updated interface you can grab the files needed from the links below, just overwrite the same ones in your gfx folder in the game directory personnel avatars npc.zip - 2.25 MB assets icons: assets.zip - 3.86 MB interface buttons and backgrounds: interface.zip - 5.83 MB
  4. For some time I've been annoyed with the color of the interface, that orange hurt my eyes, so I decided to redesign it to a bit more friendly one and added some artwork to the background as I worked along. The idea was that when the actual info is provided via some sort of an implant in the head of the commander (I don't remember now how it was exactly described in the manual to justify the lack of proper hud) while the picture at the backround is a feedback from security cams around the ship
  5. Mean, green killing machine - Join the marines!
  6. Sure thing, I just need to match them better, I'll post it here if anyone wants them later
  7. Interceptor Mk II on patrol Shuttle Mk III delivering a mining drone: And now the drone is at work:
  8. I always disagreed with fighters being all kind of different colours in game, like some sort of formula 1 cars, as far as I know military like their vehicles painted in the same way, or at least there's some kind of country colour scheme. So I decided to colour-code my assets: gunships - dark-grey shuttles - orange (workhorse colour) fighters - grey-blue, etc here are my first attempts:
  9. After a few hours of messing with different in-game and ATI Catalist settings the issue was solved, and the invasion fleet is now heading to attack a starstation in the nearby region
  10. The thing is that I keep deleting that ucconfig file before starting my game to avoid that graphics glitch, cause having a joistick is no good when your screen looks like that. Although sometimes it does diappear if I turn away from light sources like planets, suns, flux fields. I have played with all kinds of different combinations in the config settings and the only way for me to avoid that glitch is by deleting that ucconfig file, then the game runs ok (only without joistick)
  11. Hi, guys I recently re-installed my UCAWA game and came across a massive list of problems, I know that support for it is discontinued but maybe someone still plays that old horse and could help: 1. My number of starforce activations ran out (and I could not get any information on that since my copy was purchased from BMTmicro, but I discovered that after patch 1.00.20 a new DRM protection scheme was introduced so I whent on a quest to find that 1.00.20 patch and came to my second problem 2. The in-game updater doesn't work - so I found an download of a latest version of the updater and descovered that it returns some kind of quazi-matrix error when trying to contact server for update (same happens when you go into patch downloads sections of the new forum - most of the links are broken) so I went on browsing 3-rd party web sites and discovered that none of them had a 1.00.20 for download all of them had 1.00.19 and after that was 1.00.22 available for download so here comes my 3rd proble 3. Patch 1.00.22 is available in 2 versions - 1 is listed as a Digital River version and the other is listed as "all other versions" , both patches are different in size. So I downloaded both. In my case the "other versions" patch did not work - the game would not start at all after applying it. So I re-installed the game and re-applied all the patches up to 1.00.19 and installed 1.00.22 Digital River patch on top of it. This time the game started and protection software gave me my hardware footprint and asked for a new activation key - so I contacted SC with all my recipts and the whole bunch of other "paper bits required" and he'd sent me a new activation key and it worked and I could access the game So the moment I thought I was through all the activation and updating ordeal when a new problem struck me: I can start the game - OK I can run the game - OK All the instant scenarios and campaign run ok, but then I shut down the game and next time I start it - my screen starts looking like that when in space: So I figured out that the only difference between 2 game starts that a ucconfig.ini file was autogenerated and that caused graphics problems. So far my only work around is to go to UCAWA folder and delete that ucconfig.ini file, after that I can launch and run the game without that strange stuff splashed all over my screen One more problem would be that I cannot acces "keys" section of the "config" menu - every time I press on it the game crashes to desktop, so I cannot select joystick as my flight controller, so here it is - I need to delete ucconfig to run the game without graphics problems, at the same time I neeed it to set up joystick as a flight controller. It looks like something got corrupted along all that patching line, so I am wondering if anybody has a UCAWA 1.00.20 patch that I could download, any other help would be apreciated
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