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  1. True to my lurker ass self, I try to only post when I feel like I have something to say Please give this a try Derek. Your games are second to none and Battlecruiser is your masterpiece...I'd love to see what the old girl could do with modern technology. To echo Sho above, I would understand if you decided not to but what an awesome opportunity it would be.
  2. Yea, that's the plan...its supposed to air as as the full 2 hr movie on SyFy in Feb. To be honest, Blood and Chrome packs that central punch that BSG itself often lacked. I can understand and appreciate that the series wasn't all about action but it too often was guilty of this meandering philosophical hubris that would have been better spent with more "Blood and Chrome" and "Galacica/Pegasus vs 10 baseships" esque action.
  3. Ahh, those were the days. God, I love the original Mk2 Battlecruiser...there was just something about it
  4. Hey there Sho! Good to see another old timer Call me dense but I'm kinda confused by your response. Aside from mentioning the idea twice in the Escape from LV-115 topic, Derek never gave a definitive response on the issue. Are you saying that the release of Escape from LV-115 means that Derek will no longer be considering the AAW engine upgrade to UCCE? My timing is probably terrible on this issue too; my original post was made the day before LOD was announced to the public.
  5. Hey SC, I know you posted something about this back in development blog dealing with the Escape from LV-115 topic. I know you are quite busy these days (when have you not been? ) but I was wondering if you had any updates or thoughts or if you even feel like this is still on the table.
  6. Derek my friend, when I read this post about upgrading UCCE to the AAW engine I almost passed out. I have been playing some variant of BC for 12 years now and I'll continue to do so whether you upgrade UCCE or not....but man would it be NICE!!! Put me down as someone willing to pay for it as well not just because I love the game but because I want to keep supporting 3000AD.
  7. Just curious, what is turret rating on this thing? It blows enemy ships out of space before I can even get into main gun range (not that that's a bad thing). I also noticed that the Engstrom appears a lot smaller than the other carriers; but it sure is powerpacked. Its like the "Defiant" of carriers. Kinda reminds me of the battlecruiser mark 3 that was planned for Battlecruiser 3020; the one that was on the homepage for years.
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