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  1. Oh! OK, I see them. I didn't think to look in the FAQ. Thanks. Mainly I was looking for the -n param(for some reason I had thought it was -p), and whether I could set up shortcuts for highres fullscreen as well as 800x600 windowed mode. But never mind about that.
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a list of all command line arguments for UCCE, as I cannot find one via forum search, and the VCF's on the site aren't comprehensive in this regard. I know w1/w2 were removed in UCCE patch 2.xxx, are there any more?
  3. DL'ed, used the given aawdemo code for the fields, and got this: "Quota for concurrent users for this application is filled. Wait for another user to close the application." Any suggestions/explanations? EDIT: Waited about 10 mins, it's working now. EDIT 2: Well, restarted the game, and it's doing it again now. I thought the blog post said it only needed to auth once on the first startup? Is there some kind of user limit on the demo?
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