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  1. Nope. I followed your steps and even deleted everything related to 3000AD in the registry prior to the new install. What do you mean by "follow the instructions" ? My vista user account has all administrative permissions (UAC is also disabled). Nevertheless I tried "run as administrator" but got the same error.
  2. Starting the demo via shortcut on the desktop -> click on "already signed up" -> User Name = "aawdemo" Password = "aawdemo" -> click on "Login" -> Failed Login "No such user/password.
  3. I tried it again. FW (Vistas own, no other except for the router) is off. Internet connection is avialable. Still the message from Byteshield "Faild Login: No such user/password." and just an Ok button.
  4. Hi, I have trouble starting the demo. I have updated the game to the latest version but still byteshield is telling me "no such user/password" (Yes I┤m using "aawdemo" as user and pw). Maybe it has something to do with Vista 64-Bit which I┤m running ? I already uninstalled and installed the game several times and re-downloaded the game from a different site but still no luck. Please help me. I┤m really looking forward to your game. Peter
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