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  1. Aye, I bought it for college aware that it wouldn't play things very well, I was just hoping it would at least get me through the current gen. Apparently I was wrong (the non-linear numbering of the GeForce and Intel series' makes it very hard to judge for amateurs in computer hardware like myself). Thanks for the support, guess I'll just have to hope by the time I'm out of college there are still games about like this that aren't the boring old "norm." Maybe it's not too late to return, though...
  2. Alright, first off specs, and just a note, it's a TouchSmart IQ816: Vista 64-bit GeForce 9600M GS 512MB Intel Duo-Core T8100 2.10GHz 25.5" LCD Touchscreen Monitor 4GB DDR2 Memory Indeed, but, call me a "noobish graphics fanboy" or something of the sort, but I'd rather have crisp graphics at a lower, windowed resolution than rather blurred graphics using full-screen lower resolution. I don't mind how the graphics look, I just like things "fit" to the box, if you understand my rather vague metaphor. Even on the default settings, though, I was surprised how low the FPS actually seemed. Character animations, even crosshair movement and (as I said before) mouse movement in the pause menu is slow. I've set everything to the lowest settings with the same result. I wonder if it's an issue running from my rather low-level CPU rather than my average-level GPU. Oh, and just wanted to say: Thanks for the help you're all offering. It's nice to see both community members and devs alike make the effort to help little ol' newbs like me
  3. I actually set the graphics down to low, still had the same FPS trouble. That's why i wondered if it was to do with audio channels. Strangely enough, even when I pause, I have FPS problems in the menu. This doesn't occur at the default menu, only at the paused menu- my mouse cursor lags and jumps. My computer's not much of a hardcore gaming system- capable, but not hardcore. Running windowed at a lower resolution helps to keep my games more playable than at my default 1920 x 1200.
  4. Thanks for the demo update! Though I am surprised at how intensive the game is, I don't get very good FPS :-( I think it may be a problem with something other than my graphics causing it- perhaps I have auio channels set too high? Also, can you run the game in windowed mode? How?
  5. I don't mean to be a nuisance, but I was wondering if there's been any update to the issue? I'm really looking forward to playing it- just seems my computer isn't looking forward to it as much.
  6. Well the one I originally used was FileFront, which didn't work. Then I used FileShack, whose download worked. However, because I was getting the "failure has occured at startup," I tried FileFront again to the same effect. I just thought you might like to know about the problem, in case it's not just on my side and anyone downloading from FileFront was getting an error. That would be quite inconvinient Woops, I guess I should really read after I write; I wasn't very clear here, hehe. This is currently what is happening, "A failure has occured at activation startup." I've tried executing from both the shortcut and the application itself, just to be sure the shortcut wasn't broken. I'm not entirely sure what the issue is- I followed the instructions as closely as I could (the errors made it a bit tougher ). I'd imagine it's an issue on my side since most everyone else seems to have their game working fine. I know it's not an issue with Vista, but I feel like blaming the OS anyway. DARN VISTA! Who can rush the holidays, eh? Happy Independence Day to all Americans out there, while we're on that topic! We let off $500 worth of fireworks last night, always a blast (pun intended!).
  7. I seem to be running into several errors with ByteShield. Others have it working, so it's clearly a fault on my end, but I'm unsure of what the fault is. Firstly, I installed and forgot to patch, so ByteShield didn't seem to let me login appropriately (using the correct manner of logging in "Already Signed Up," etc). After patching, it appeared fixed. When I finished with logging in, however, a note came up: "An active copy of this product has been detected Would you like to transfer the activation to this installation?". At first I hit "no," and I was simply taken back to a plain red ByteShield screen. After exiting and attempting again, I hit yes, at which point, I was told, for some reason or another, "A failure has occured at activation startup". Assuming something had possibly gone wrong with my installation, I uninstalled, re-installed AND patched before attempting to log-in to ByteShield. After all this has taken place, I now run into an error that says an "existing application has not yet expired." I've never truly played a game in this series, though it astounds me how deep these games tend to be. It's the very sort of experience in a game I've always dreamed of, but unfortunately these errors have gotten in my way (have I brownnosed enough to get help yet? ). Hopefully I'll be able to resolve this issue soon, though I see no clear way of fixing it. UPDATE: The latter issue has been resolved, replaced, again, by the former. Computer Specs: Vista 64-bit GeForce 9600M GS Intel Duo-Core 2.10GHz T8100 4GB DDR2 Memory Additionally of note, the FileFront main demo download does not appear to work. An error states "The installer integrity check has failed."
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