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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE ...... :-) I'm 43 on Monday ..... not too far behind you SC.... this is a gentle(wo)man's club, yet my son and his mates ruin hours of their lives in UCCEV2 ... they just dont have the attention spans to forum (go figure :-))
  2. I actually got this about 6 months ago ... in Russian, and applied an English hack. It is truly excellent. Good strong RPG, with fun / beautiful Space elements, and yes you can walk around the ship, but it is not a true free-form / sim, I love these DEV's (Deep Shadows) - they did White Gold as well, which uses the same tech. Originally started it all with a game from some years back called Boiling Point, that tried so hard to be a great sandbox RPG, but was a bit broken, both in design and tech. IMO it is better than Mass Effect 2, because you actually get control of your ship. This is NOT a 3000AD rival though ... this game is an RPG at it's heart, not a sim. P.S. I believe the English version on GG is exactly the same as what I have ... i.e. the DEV's used the community English conversion (someone MUST have got paid, hopefully!!)
  3. OK ... to answer your question: - 1) From 3000ad, most regulars on this forum (and SC) would know I have a bias, but get him to play Echo Squad. My 13 y.o. loves it, as do I. It has "some" of the complexity removed that tends to make the "bigger brother" titles a bit out-of-reach for some, but at it's heart is very much a BC / UC game. 2) If he's into horror, depends on what level of self imposed parental censorship you engage in, but get him to play STALKER ... his gaming world will never be the same, and the whole Hollywood style console type world will evaporate before his young impressionable mind :-) (Yes, I am very melodramatic)
  4. How old is he? What kind of mind does he have?
  5. Thank you SC, to even consider it makes you one of the coolest DEV's on the planet.
  6. Just the awesomeness of being able to get off the rock ... and even flying around in empty space completes the illusion for me. As I said in one of my many drooling dialogues around AAW, all it lacked for me was being able to leave the atmosphere and return to space. If the test build does that, I would sell my left nut.
  7. Any chance in pink elephant land that you can give us devotees the test build please please pretty please. I would pay for it.
  8. I'm running one of the most complex set-ups imaginable, and it's as stable as an old English table for me!! But I do play Echo quite a bit more often I must admit. This should be irrelevant though, as it's the same codebase (as far as I know SC?!) Win7-64 .... all over-clocked and watercooled, Eyefinity 120hz. The only thing for me is the wide view makes the extremes of the X axis clip for objects (Planets / Ships) .... understandable .... SC would never have catered for 5040 resolution. (This is perfectly fixed for the newer All Aspect Engine ... beautiful). All in all, for an "older" title, very stable. A 32bit OS will ignore RAM past about 3.8gb as it just can't address it. You should NOT have to resort to multi-boot to stabilize your out-of-control Battlecruiser ... just persevere with your rig. As the other boyz have said, get all your drivers locked down. Maybe even set your page (swap) file to a static size instead of dynamic - etc etc etc etc. But I personally didn't have to do ANYTHING specifically for ANY 3000AD title since the reaaaalllllllyyyyy old stuff.
  9. 4.Radeon HD 5450 512MB and i do have Physx, as the old nvidia card is integrated... 5450 .... great stuff. Physx ? .. are you sure?, because NVidia have disabled it when their video card is not used as primary, and can only be re-enabled by using an older driver with a special driver hack put out by an awesome ATI enthusiast. After you install the ATI, go to the NVidia control panel and check the Physx setting .... it will either be forced off or gone completely. Another check you can do is run FluidMark ... this will stress / performance test both Video and physics.
  10. The Radeon 4xxx are a good series ... bit old though, and only DX10.1 ..... so no Stalker or Metro in full glory for you. Also, going ATI means you don't have Physx (unless you run an NVidia as the Physx card in the second PCIe slot ... if you have one, which can be done with a driver hack), but probably do get better per-cycle frames than a 9800gt; splitting hairs though. Either way, you are a generation behind .... and though you did say "budget minded", there is no reason NOT to go current generation!!!!!
  11. The Planets are statics, and if you fly far enough you wrap around :-( ..... but with the cockpit mod it is beautiful.
  12. Guys, I know I've been pretty sh%t on these forums of late, but I will watch this with interest and see if I can plug in and join. I've had a change of job and relationship over this first half of the year ..... so I've been a bit demented.
  13. Yep, DOSBOX is the way to go .... with VOODOO emulation if you really know what you are doing.
  14. Get a 5970 and throw your rig away :-)
  15. POP - in - POP - out - stuck in wormhole.
  16. I found the solution in the KB ..... pardon me. BTW: Xfire needs to be disabled else the infamous "jitter" with some games and dual GPU ..... but runs buttter smooth on the 1 GPU anyway :-)))))))))))
  17. HI Team, Well ... I've just built my new games rig ....... a 5970 with Eyefinity :-))))))) I lost my registration code for Echo ... and RegNow say that they can't / won't support it and to go to 3K. So, here I am, back from exile AGAIN. But this time with a mega-mega rig ..... wonder what is going to happen with the Aspect Ratio!!! P.S. SC ... If it is all lost in the ether somewhere I will buy another copy .... I think you know how much I love Echo Squad.
  18. I'm back from exile, yay .... to see this!!! I reckon it's just a big training / playground for you SC ... you big kid you.
  19. I missed the Christmas timing .... but I'll get in early for a:- HAPPY NEW YEAR from Australia! This is by far my favourite forum and crew!!!! Thanks guys for welcoming me into the ranks this year. Even though I've been playing forever, I really only hooked up with you lot this year, and it's been a pleasure. And thanks SC for helping to keep my synapses elastic. Peace team!! EDIT: - WOW, just noticed that this is my 100th post ..... that fits nicely, I will deliberately do no more this year so I can start 2010 with 101 (which is 5 in hex ; and that is important for no reason whatsoever)
  20. Actually ... I've been on holidays etc etc etc etc etc etc etc SO, I'm going to do the same (re-read) as soon as I get home ..... on about the 2nd, Last post I did Badman was lying on top of a woman lol...
  21. I agree Sho, I actually use a Logitech trackball and a Nostromo SpeedPad n52 for all my gaming needs on my PC (except flight and space sims of course where the Saitek gets hammered, or racing games where I pull out the wheel / pedals) .... must admit though that I am enjoying Uncharted 2 on the PS3 :-). I don't know canshow, there's just something unnatural using a gamepad when one has used a mouse and keyboard forever! -Sho
  22. Calling all Vanguard'ers ..... Sound off!!!
  23. Extending out the bubble that is the tech for GCO I see As always, I love you ............... in a very manly way of course; not in the mano e mano way, but in a very excitable way; errr ..... I think I should stop now.
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