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  1. Indeedilie, already signed up to their site to do just that. He actually played it .... and played it well by the sounds of it. Now he should come Time Phase Device artifact hunting with us all.
  2. P.S. This is a strange comparison to draw ... but I am sinking A LOT of time into DCS Black Shark at the moment. If whining little girlie men complain about the complexity of your imagination, then they should jump into something like that puppy and their nappies would melt. Makes me proud to know that I can fly it quite well though, thanks to all those years of Microprose and Janes .... and 3000ad :-) I jump into AoA to give myself a break from the chopper, and for the rush. I really meant what I said in my review .... in some ways your night / day / lighting / ground geometry mapping engines rival even that title .... but the attention to detail is staggering. Have you had a look at it?
  3. Ah, yes. Of course it does make sense; you are really only ever 1 character ... bit of an "unnamed hero" device. All good.
  4. /ON Badman paused after his question .... long enough for several deep breaths, long enough for the seed of reply to germinate like a visceral and palpable lesion; then blurted, seemingly without intent, "YOU WILL FEAR WHAT I HARBOUR". /OFF
  5. Another small anomaly for you SC. AOA .... the save games will always be called PLAYER XXXXXXX, instead of the character name you have chosen. Probably should have posted this in Tech, but I thought it was within the context of this discussion.
  6. TBear, I love your attitude ..... that's the sort of gamer that really gets this stuff. I really do suggest having a go at Echo Squad, It'll give you some good training and insight into the AI behaviour to have your guys "on your wing" all the time ....... AND IT'S GOT COCKPITS for all 4 fighters (I know, I know, I must get over that). Then .... to really flesh it all out ..... grab All Aspect Warfare or Angle of Attack, depending on your preference ..... even just to see where the graphics engines are heading .... astounding. .... we need more like you.
  7. I was actually visualizing them with little hard hats on :-)))))
  8. /ON ".... and with my past washed clean, I will fight for the man that jingles the loudest purse, or, if honour and truth are still respected, then I will fight for a cause .... or love. That is, if a man can still make a living from his sweat and blood.", replied Badman, standing firm and powerful, yet with a subtle hue of pain and loss etched into the very space around him. "I still do not know exactly where I am, nor can I comprehend all this. All I know is that I am conscious and sane, therefore I must trust my senses.". Badman eyed each of the party, as if measuring them, 'acquiring a lock' as he had heard one of the young men say. "OK no-name, I have heard tell of this 'Ragnarok' that you uttered, and I am told that is where I was first discovered, naked and unconscious in a place where people gather to eat.", he said with a slight grin, "What do you propose?". /OFF
  9. Dude, you both rock ... honestly :=-) Plural or singular, suggested, implied, directed or hammered ....fuck Syfy ...... WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO DARK DEPRAVITY :-))))))))))))))
  10. .exe (1.00.35) = Commlink is always empty after restore. I got through the game like that ... put myself into "what the hell is going on boyz" mode, sometimes going back to previous saves to reach the timed checkpoints, but sometimes not :-)
  11. I posted a review on the BLOG :-), but just noticed that I spelt "find", "fined" ..... can you fix it? (looks weird and very out of context) Also, the way I've written the score looks like a negative (-) ..... now that would suck! Can you fix that too? P.S. I've found a way to leave the planet .................................. fire up Echo Squad :-))))))))))))) P.S.S ... I did notice in an early demo that SHIFT-9 let me leave the planet ........................ to almost "Dead Space".
  12. Got to the end, disarmed R.A.N.D.O.M; but I actually wanted to leave the planet ... never mind, I kicked ass :-) Couldn't figure out what to do with the Intrepid to do the V-Band comms, tried tractor beam etc. BUT ... DONE :-) P.S. Got to watch the Sun come up sitting on top of a tower after I jet-packed to a nice spot; with my team (and a few stragglers) down below.
  13. Lol ... no need to be sorry, you are charming with your language innocence :-)))
  14. P.S .... then, make straight for Alpha, flying IN the Canyon .... It's been approved by SC :-)
  15. Immediately get your Jammer ON and stay LOW .... skim the surface in a zig-zag, punch straight (inc zig-zag) for the Canyon, then dive ..... no more missiles. Next trick, get your men.
  16. [RP ON] "My name is Craigudus Badmanidus, but my friends call me Badman. Once General of the Athieo-Christo rebellion. Two weeks ago I metaphorically and spiritually died after fulfilling my bargain with the Universe. Instead of the promised and foretold Nirvana, and denied of my true fate, was ripped asunder by the 'Dark eye of the Lion Spirit', to awake on a cold, hard surface; very VERY far from home......", "And wipe that sarcastic smile off your face, I am not delusional, for you do know me, and WILL fear what I harbour." [RP OFF] I love making people think ... and create ... if this is too ambiguous I can always make this more directly relate to the current RP, I just though a fresh perspective (trip) would be fun. :-)
  17. Not "leatherboards" starlord, LEADERBOARDS. Sounds kinda kinky the way you say it.
  18. CMD.SERGEANT 164000XP 131 KILLS :-), yay me. The sunrise was awesome, was in a shuttle again, with a belly full of soldiers. Think I'm almost finished, but my eyes are bleeding so I must stop.
  19. AAW - REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY Enjoying it. MZM04, ~23000xp and 27 kills. Spoiler alert for mission 1 ....... I have just followed my gut so far, got through first mission by louring remaining enemy off a cliff, had my boys start the descent first which I managed to escape cos' I jumped back in the ACAV, buggered off around the back of everyone as they were all doing a slow controlled slide into the canyon shooting everything to hell, pinched the Shuttle, did some awesome stunt flying (even if I do say so myself) to pick up my boys in a heated Vietnam style extraction, then buggered off down the canyon and FLEW to Alpha with the Jammer ON and flying under radar. I've since read on the blog that I could / should have gone to Delta first, but I was winging it, so to speak, and it just goes to show the free-form nature of this game. Felt very real, some "distinctively familiar" behaviour from the AI :-) ...... all in all VERY SATISFYING. Now I'm at about 1:00am in game, very eagerly awaiting the sun to come up so I can see the pretty light show, obviously I will hide somewhere "safe" for this purpose. Screenshot time (I wish).
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