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  1. AMD Phenom II x4 940 (3ghz), 4gb, ATI Radean 4870gt 512, Vista 32, raid 0 config. Catalyst 9.4. Just saw Derek's reply .... no way to change. I must say that the longer I play the less I notice ....
  2. Well, from my point I view this is a gem. I know it is the culmination of your dream, so glad you got it done and polished. Those of us that REALLY love hardcore and deep simulators have always watched your stuff with such interest. I am so familiar with the BC method of control / execution now that I jumped right in and have not looked back. Have stopped playing everything else. I have a few friends that also love deep simulators, and they will be buying copies over the next few weeks .... I will make them. Again, Thanks. P.S. the engine development that you are evolving now (closer to the ground stuff) will one day hopefully find its way into Battlecruiser XXX, I for one would buy it.
  3. Why do the planet clouds move so fast when viewed from space? Is this a multi-core CPU issue or by design? Can I slow them down to "real"? I know I can turn them off but that just break the immersion even more. They would be ripping the planet (and my ship) to shreds!!
  4. OK, First let me qualify by saying that I'm an old school gamer (back to Atari 2600 / Vic20 days) and Developer: I am Hard-core; gues that's why I'm here playing a BC++++ game. I own: - * 1996 Silver box for BC3000AD (yes the infamous Take-Two / Gametek); Worth it's weight in gold (well, silver) * BC3000AD v2 * Battlecruiser Millenium * Universal Combat AWA * GALCOM ES SE 2.11.07 I have ALL the space sims that you can imagine. I actually have things on my system like: - Microsoft Space Sim Allegiance FREE Oolite Xwing Alliance I-War running in a glide wrapper I-War II Frontier First Encounters Orbiter with Terraforming mod etc etc etc Eagle Lander Space Shuttle 2007 Tachyon Tarr The Tomorrrow War Starshatter TGS Freespace OPEN with heaps of fan missions X,X2,X3,X3TC Evochron Legends etc etc etc ... all hacked & patched for modern graphics / stability / mods AND, YOU'VE DONE IT. I have been waiting forever to get that "excited" feeling when firing up a Space sim; haven't really had that feeling since I first got the orig BC3000AD when I was 28 years old, and I'm getting it now. Have put in about 20 hours, just scratching the surface. Put it this way, my son (11yo) has finished COD 5 twice since I started playing with this beast. Your lighting engine is wonderful. The cockpits are "solid", and by that I mean you feel like you can touch them. Transparent and reflective cannopies when viewed from outside the ship would be nice though. I would have to say that Evochron Legends and GALCOM ES SE2 do go toe to toe in some ways, but your game feels more "Microprose" and is far "heavier", if you know what I'm saying. Thanks Derek and co. for this wonderfully mature and cerebral virtual quantum machine. P.S. I do have a couple of Tech questions but I'll do that in the appropriate place.
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