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    Ucse 2.0 Upgd And Key

    Ok then, thank you very much SC!!
  2. Hey everyone! (First post) I need to clarify something about the Special Edition. Does that patch 2.0 'COLLECTORS' Edition works for the SE ??? And another thing, I bought The UCSE from regnow last week. Just after i downloaded it, the game asked for a name and game activation key, and i didn't receive any of those to activate it. So, i ran the updater, and updated to version 1.00.05, the i ran the game and it didn't ask for any key nor anything .... Then i tried something, i downloaded the 2.0 Upgrade Patch(the BTM version, srry i didnt know which one i had to download) just to try it out. After installing, it asked me again the name and key. SO, i thought that maybe that activation key i needed could be inserted here......or am i wrong?? Oh, and if it works, which version fits for me?(D2D?) Sorry for the newbie question everyone, or if i missed anything reading any other posts. Thank you since now. LOVED the game btw.