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  1. When you say that the 2.0 stand alone build does not use SecuROM do you mean that it doesn't use any DRM? If this is not the case and if the disk check doesn't work after upgrading the disk version of UCCE to 2.0 what protective measures are there? Also, unless I'm missing something burning a disk of the digitally distributed UCCE wouldn't remove the online authentication and limited installs, which is the issue here. P.S. I'm sorry if this is an annoying question, but I've searched around and haven't the information I'm seeking.
  2. *this is copy pasted from a support ticket that was never answered and closed* Hello, After seeing that Universal Combat is still updated my interest in purchasing it has been revitalized. However one thing keeps coming back to thwart my interests. I speak of DRM. I find DRM to be extremely inconvenient and frankly unacceptable. That is to say that I refuse to pay for a game that I may not be able to play in the future. For this reason I have been most interest in the disk version of UCCE, but I believe this still has SecuRom DRM. So I ask to what extent does this SecuRom limit the customer. Does it only have a CD check or does it also limit the number of installs/computers or check authenticity online periodically. If it only does a CD check I will be fine with the purchase, but if it does more than that I will not feel comfortable. My other question is: Are you planning to release a disk version of UCCE 2.0 or will I be required to get the disk of UCCE should I want a disk, and risk not being able to update to 2.0 when/if the limited time upgrade expires.