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  1. Hmm I seem to be running into a similar problem. Heres a screenshot of my driver settings, ingame settings are just the default via the config being deleted.. Turned off the music and thats all I touched. Tried doing the same with the general graphics settings instead of the application but that didn't work either. http://imgur.com/nfrC5iu
  2. So somehow I've managed to make it so that my command craft is hostile to myself (red on tacops and if I jump out of the thing.) Now this wouldn't really be a problem except...anything that launches from it is also hostile. I *think* it happened when I accidentally hit myself with a mine, but I'm not too sure. What I'd really like to know is how exactly do I fix it? It'd be nice to use my turrets when I have support craft flying around.
  3. Tbh the only nice thing about the game is its flight model. Flying aircraft is really, really fun. Otherwise its like playing a version of battlefield where you get shitty fps and the attackers always win.
  4. Nwah


    Its $30 to get Operation Arrowhead and ARMA 2 which is what you need.
  5. I actually just pre-ordered that, hopefully it'll be awesome.
  6. For anyone who doesn't already know, DayZ is a zombie apocalypse mod for Arma2 that has massively increased its sales (probably come close to outselling the game itself by now, if it hasn't already). I've been having a blast playing it so far, even though its still in an alpha state and naturally has a lot of bugs due to said alpha state. Anyone else played it yet?
  7. Hah my favorite part was certainly the bit about tac nuke posts. For some reason I found that hilarious, in addition to it being a good idea.
  8. Open beta as of last patch. The game has gotten a lot better but still not as good as Tribes 2 Classic IMO. Though tbh I'm not sure what game can live up to games like Tribes 1 and Tribes 2 (with the classic mod of course.)
  9. Well if anyone wants beta keys I have like 12 of them or something. Game is fun but its nowhere near as good as Tribes 2.
  10. Tribes:Ascend used to look promising but as they release more info its looking grimmer and grimmer. At least its f2p so if its shit it won't cost me anything to find out. X:Rebirth may or may not be fun....apparently they're making some rather major changes.
  11. Well according to their forums apparently the following things will most likely happen: 1 Its going to be F2P which isn't bad in itself 2 They're using a primary/secondary weapons system, even for heavies (UGH) 3 Mod support is highly unlikely 4 They're going to sell fixed loadouts....aka no customizing, a tribes staple 5 They'll be using a similar buisness model to LoL, they rotate several loudouts for free and you can grind money to buy them/pay cash for them 6 You get mines or grenades, not both 7 Its not in stone yet but you might only be allowed to choose between 3 loadouts per mission Personally I don't think its sounding too good...The gameplay trailer certainly looked good but I guess that comes with UE3. I guess as long as they get the skiing right it can be alright...but 2 weapons just doesn't sound right on a heavy. I mean getting a mortar and some crappy secondary...I just don't see how it will work. There are also rumors (not confirmed obviously) that you spawn in your loadout which would be really stupid because then there wouldn't be any point to defending a base. The gameplay vid can be found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oevWde_F-yU.
  12. You can try out Tribes 2 which is (now) free. Its a futuristic FPS. It has a steep learning curve and most of the people who have played for 10 years or something, so eh. There is always Galactic Civilizations 2 which is a space 4x game, I forget but its something like $30 for all the expansions+the original.
  13. The graphics are different. UI is only different in some places, like in the Tactical interface. In fact, i find it its harder to manage everything in 2.0 than in the 1.14 version. You can't load personnel via Tactical > Crew page into vehicles anymore, but instead by Tactical > Loadout > Craft > Crew or cargo or whatever. I guess it's to reduce the size of the location bar when you want to move a crewmember, but meh. Instead, the bars have been slightly misplaced, thats the only issue. A few shortcuts have been taken out. If not taken out, then they have been tampered with. There might be something else different with the UI, i can't quite put my finger on it. Its a different color. The rest of it you nailed.
  14. It was deployment by NPC ships that was removed. I believe the reason was that they cluttered the game world up because they couldn't RTB.
  15. You deploy space marines via shuttles. I once got a station to drop some space marines when I ejected from my CC while it was cloaked, but I haven't bothered to do it again since. Space marine combat is kinda dull anyways.
  16. I actually had never played tribes until about 2 weeks ago, and at this point I can safely say I'm addicted to it. Hi-Rez studios is going to make a new game, with rumours of release somehwere around Q4 this year. http://www.mmonews.m...he-next-tribes/ So far there has been a grand total of two screenshots released. http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/225705_200436879998659_174337252608622_516349_1416095_n.jpg http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/222015_200436986665315_174337252608622_516350_5289784_n.jpg The offical website with a trailer is http://www.tribesascend.com/ If you pay close attention you can see shazbot etched into the armor at 0:23 and a spinfusor being fired at a generator at 0:32.
  17. Babylon 5 is a great show. Tbh season 1 (and the pilot) were pretty meh, but after that it picks up. I just finished watching the series myself, just another 2 movies to go.
  18. Well I thought the last episode sucked to be honest.
  19. MIMs get machine guns. AFMs get rockets+shotguns. EFMs get rifles. RFMs get sniper rifles. Marines of the same type always have the same equipment.
  20. Should work as long as you apply the 1.01.4 update first. And as for issues the only ones I can think of are minor graphical glitches in v2.0.
  21. http://www.egosoft.com/x/xnews/201104_44_xr_news.html Not a whole lot of info yet, but cool to know there is going to be a new X game. Graphics are spectacular as always, how egosoft does it I'll never know. Hopefully it will be as good as X3TC
  22. Darn, I rather liked SGU.
  23. http://www.elderscrolls.com/ Should open right up, but dang looks pretty cool. Skyrim ought to be an interesting place judging from Bloodmoon. Unfortunately its not supposed to come out until next year. Hopefully it will be more like Morrowind and less like Oblivion but I doubt it.
  24. I saw this at Frys a while back, but I got X3 Gold Edition since it was a much better deal ($30 for two space sims? HECK YEAH!) Maybe I'll have to try the demo out, my PC ought to handle it alright.
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