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  1. Still fighting to learn the game, but progressing. Resnic......in fps i personaly shoot that guy......what a waste of an officer spot....my oldest kid could do better..... In general im getting into the game......i can attack and beat bases, coordinating airsupport with ground troops.......im actualy starting to make some $$ wooot.....and im not that far for getting the first OTC he he he...... Its an awsom game, when you have time to play it lol....looking forward to se what the mmo is....and realy awaits news on The GCV-KnightBlade since that would fufill my dreams about a space sim..... In general things are going ok.......werry soon i get the "bought version" and will do my best to gt wacked by the diehard vets of the game.....an when i get fed up with that i invite you to a trip to eve online and wack your butts there lol..... Slowly progressing, stil hooked......awsome game... TBear
  2. lol...aaaaaah......Intruders....one of my nemesis`s..well used a shuttle, got the cargo...another mountain climped. About the more simulatorbased games. Well i am an old IL2`er, used plenty of time in the 109....but i kinda got to a stage now where i want to be the guy sending others out to die. And when they done there job ill be right theretaking what they just fought for....he he he I will get the demos that are around, bu UC is more than enough. 24 hours a day and im a corp leader in eve online so have to use abit time there Stil UC. Todays goals. Figure out where my $ are so i can get stuf. Figure out trading. Hopefully i can get a OTC the big weapon thing and try to nuke a base. Any advice on how to get closer to an enemy base. Kinda stuck at the 10km range??.... Well awsome that someone actualy reads this lol.....and i get back.....telling your all about my progress as a moron in a big ship failing at stuff lmao TBear
  3. Im Danish, not like the bread and sugar thing, but the flesh and bobe type But well, i have used abit time on the game now. I can assgn and use the crew interface. I can fll up a shuttle with stuf and bring it to planets. I can set on surface waypoints and get my shuttle to se them and follow the orders. I have learned to work the fighters as main weapon. I can use my marines and isue them orders. Driving like a taxi driver my self, use the diffrent weapons and in general have an idea for how to do things. I stil die everytime i get within 10km of an enemy base... in 50% of the times i get back to space to my ship, its either blown up or so badly dameged that my new prime ship is a shuttle with a probe, a OC and 20 marines. Stil working out the stuf with cargo pods. i tractor them, they get close and then i kinda run out of ideas. i am a stubborn old fart that realy dont like giving up. I learn this game the old way. click here and there and if you dont die you di it correct...i realy hatet that game after the first 10 hours, now im passing 50 hours + and are loving it. As a silenhunter sub fanatic knightblade could end up killing my urge for those ww2 coffins, and if its true that game is the same ust with 3 d and walk inside the ship, well then my eve online 2005 subscription could be in danger. Im having a blast, and when im just that tad more confident, ill start roam someones server.....blowing shitz up..... TBear
  4. well all i can say is that im kinda 20% in game and 80% in the manual, not native english speaking so the manual is heawy reading ill try that nav point ai puter ill learn itsoon system.....just way to much lmao.... tx alot for the fat reply TBear
  5. Well new to this game and like the open spces, but something i dont get. when i arive at a planet, like earth, i cant find any bases or anything, i just fly over land and land...but no structures, no npc`s etc. Space works fine, just empty planets...is this normal for the roam mode?? great game, awsome feeling, just puzled about if ground objects are only woking on campaign mode??... TBear (Oiink)
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