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    All Aspect Warfare Public Demo

    why so much trouble when we can just try the demo for free!!!! theres a box starts when i start the gm. its asking for activation code, now u know better than me why its so. any way I've uninstalled the trbl maker.
  2. wild

    All Aspect Warfare Public Demo

    I've dl the demo installed it , cant able 2 play for sm damn activation code for the demo can u bliv it! I've dl & instld the patch still the same! Godamn it!! if the demo can cause this much trouble Devil knows how much troubles await from the full game! damn I dont wanna buy this pain!!
  3. wild

    All Aspect Warfare Public Demo

    hi I've just installed the AAW demo. now when I started it for the 1st tm it says to filll user & pass (AAWDEMO yes I did.) now its asking for the activation code!!! whr is that code? I've tried AAWDEMO but it says not valid!!! pls send me a activation code (for the demo???!!!!) waiting to play the demo