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    Combat Tactics Help

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to better dodge missiles. I try to use my most jarring maneuvers and the missiles see through the EMD jammer like its not even on. I was wondering how the aces manage to dodge them Also, on the last mission of AoA, the one with the gammulan carrier, I throw everything I have at it and it seems indestructable, the shield is gone but the hull wont take damage. I was wondering how to take down the hull.
  2. Mogon

    Rise of Flight

    I got it, and it IS an amazing simulator. They have realistic physics and aircraft deformation bullet time weather effects and stunning graphics. Id say its a must for any flight sim enthusiast.
  3. Mogon

    Anyone playing Multiplayer?

    Well I got a 30Mb/s connection and a quad core so I host a server I have once before but I don't know how to set up hamachi for it.
  4. Mogon

    Anyone playing Multiplayer?

    U can buy UCCE from online vendors such as Direct 2 Drive, and I believe its for sale from 3000ad directly. Id love to get a multi game going, just pm me, im off for summer so im free most of the time.
  5. Mogon

    All Aspect Warfare Mp

    Speaking of last second Anyone doing anything tomorrow? Im free all day for a game.
  6. Well, you got farther than me, everytime I try to even install it, it says that I have the wrong OS, how did you get past that?
  7. Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to run 3000ad on a newer system, such as windows Vista or 7. I came into the BC/UC series around BC Gold, I was wondering what it was like at the beginning.