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  1. Universal Combat Collectors Edition Multiplayer Game Sessions!!! 2-23-10 I am opening a game now on UCCE Patch 01.04 will be open from 3:30am est until around who knows when but most likely the evening pm-time and possibly later! I will announce each and every time I host a multiplayer game on UCCE. If I see a game open first I will join that game instead of opening my own multiplayer game on UCCE for patch 01.104 / 1.104. Settings: 1. Auto-NPC option on / Computer - 2. 8-Players setting is on for now. Note: This is the patch that comes before the 2.0 patch upgrade, you must uninstall the game if you have 2.0 installed and also go to "Windows Explorer" and find the 3000ad file there and delete it ,, but first you must uninstall the game's file from the regular way you uninstall games in the "Add & Remove Programs" before you uninstall the file from Windows Explorer. Trouble Shooting - Getting into Multiplayer Games Also do this, 'hold down on keyboard the Control+Alt+Delete buttons for a few seconds' and then select the UCCE game on the screen to enter if having trouble getting in the game during same the time that your having trouble, use this method - works perfectly. UCCE 01.04 Patch Location The official patch is located in the 3000ad.com's Games/UCCE game selection page. Other UCCE games to be announced soon!!!! Hope to see all join soon.
  2. So, now we have a little group of UCCE players. MP sessions, basically at Sunday. Would be very, very good see a server from 3000ad open again. Contact me for more details about MP sessions. thanks i try to make it online on sundays.. hopefully everyday!! Which version of UCCE will we use , I have mine updated to 1.04 version the one before 2.0??
  3. ok i go on universal combat ce for a little while.. i be there for a hour
  4. send me info on how to get my serial on echo squad again,, the one box disapeared before i copied it loll
  5. yeah some of these planets are good for very brief harvesting missions,, and you can get some great resources,, but nevertheless very risky!!!!!!!!! and some planets are not worth it unless you in a big ship that can take the damage and for a brief moment
  6. About creating a fleet and minor technical issue with UC Echo Squad Hi sir,, you probably dont remember me but I was one of the last persons you and your mate destroyed on planet gamalan in the first Universal Combat Game online,, it was fun running away from you guys!!!.. but however im on the 1.04 version of UCCE now online and will purchase your new Knightsblade game for sure when it comes out.... but I want to create a fleet .. Sir please allow me to, I will do great and will leave you with a smile.. Take a look at my forums that I created for my existing clans for Command and Conquer and etc!! I am also a experienced player from your world apart game,, Universal Combat Echo Squad - I have a key issue i will leave you info on game reciept maybe u can help - if not no biggy take your time or get me info on assistance if possible, but like I said no biggy..; I had Universal Combat Gold,,I had all copies accept battlecruiser edditions. Here is the forum address Our Headquarters & downloads 1rst Clan 4rth Clan 2nd & 3rd Clan ProMafia.Proboards.com - AmmoArmada.Proboards.com - RedAlertTeams.Proboards.com - TiberiumTeams.Proboards.com - The site that I plan to refurbish to accommodate my new fleet for your Knightsblade game and Universal Combat Collectors Editon Possible 5th active Clan AllianceArmada.Proboards.com This site was for my clan that I ran on Freelancer before Microsoft closed down the servers.... but it was grand!!! I like to use this site for your game and update it more!! we use ventrillo and other communication methods - skype etc,, so im sure we can be a good edition to your game.. plus my clan been in existance Since 2002 since tiberian sun of command & conquer!!.. Sir like yourself ima bratha thats born to lead!! I would love to be apart of your community and the best way I know how is to run great respectful & loyal fleets!! - In Red Alert 3 our ^^v - ammoVv clan has medals for the most active clan and stuff like that - we still working on tournaments and stuff but we coming along pretty strong so far!!. our moddo is War 4 Peace not 4 War!!!! and I plan to have my officers Hale - or ask permission to start a battle rather than to just attack unless we are under attack already!! etc... Your respectful affiliate: Chief Alliance Fleet Alliance Armada Trade Federation or similiar name - site still under construction We protect trade routes and can be hired by other fleets of your games ----- In Freelancer I made this our duty - just call us when you in battles with other fleets we protect your airspace untill you return for some resources cargo crates & etc.... you know gaurd a freighter etc... We not interested in getting 1rst place control in the whole game,, we just want to be a neutral kinda of fleet if it is possible. Thanks for your time sir!!! Main question can I create a fleet? you can take the time you need to add a area on forum where I will add links to the AllianceArmada.proboards.com site If you like we can also trains some noobs - all up to you boss
  7. alt D I think it is when you get to within 0.50 feet of station
  8. Hey all im all, I am a relative fan of the original Universal Combat and have played it online frequently. I sometimes host a Universal Combat 1.04 version game but having problems gettings peeps to join the game.. I just want everyone to know that there are people that prob' play the game online,, cool, I found it easy to use Control Alt and Delete to get into my UCCE online game that I host myself ,, it workf great like that loll, and I had no crashes ,, and let it run all night long online,, I have a 2.5 gz processor and a nividia 6200,, but 2 gigz of ram. All I know that if this is stable as the original Universal Combat online then we can be in for a treat!!! so please get your Universal Combat Collectors Editions Games updated to 1.04,, if you have to go to Windows Exporer and erase your 3000ad game file from there and from the programs file from the start menu of windows..... erase both of them ,, and also go to control panel and delete the game UCCE... and you will find that reinstalling the game and the patches works fine.... just dont forget to restart your computer after you install the game... and to restart it again after you patch the game up. I recomend doing it everytime you patch it ,, but it still works fine restarting the computer after you reinstall the game,, and restarting the computer again after you install all of the patches up to 1.04, the last one before 2.01 patch.. Dont install the 2.01 so you can see me online sometimes. If you do you will have to redo all of those stepf to get the 2.01 registry files our of your computer that may interfer with the installations of 1.04 and previous updates.. and you have to also install previous updates aswell up to 1.04...try to install of of the previous updates if .. I have lots of homework to do so you guys will find me parked on a planet or on a auto orbit around a station or planet or something.... I will go there to day in a few minutes you will see my game open.... im in the cable internet connection area on Universal Combat Collectors Edition see you there mates... I just want to see some peeps join me on UCCE,, if you see the room open and cant get in try this step... with the control alt and delete,, just be careful when doing it..
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