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  1. I believe the free version is not gold. It also doesnt have music, short of title song.
  2. Hull plates are labeled as Titanium I, II, III, IV or something like that, i believe. I dont think thats what OP meant. But probably "hull repair unit", which indeed, at Sapien, has an outstanding cost/space ratio of around $15k/1space. Followed by "Reactor Repair Kit" $12k/space. Great at start with no money. Titanium plates on the other hand have a ratio of 0.95. An exceptionally bad deal. Trellis is average with 7. All of them are beaten by [email protected] though, with a ratio of 90 (OTS-Bugnor is 28) In order of profitability Planet, Part, "K money"/space @Earth SDM-Drogue 90(30) OTS-Bugnor 28(9) @Sapien Hull Repair Unit 15 Reactor Repair Kit 12 Trellis 7 So best would be to ship SDM to whatever place with high inflation. At least thats as far as i discovered, and im not that far in campaign yet. Maybe there are even better deals. Edited: Then again weapons use Weapon Bay which is usually 2500, while spare parts use Cargo Bay which is 7500, so this would bring the Drogue down to 30, and the Bugnor below the H.R.K. hmm.
  3. Much appreciated. Interesting apparently there is no time limit on editing posts w/o notice.
  4. ok got it working, the save was on AutoPilot(dont hit me). NOT the mouse control thingy though. THe readme says the middle mouse needs to be pressed but nothing happens ingame. Truly.
  5. It doesnt move the view in an already started game, loaded after the joystick was connected. New game everything works fine. ctrl-alt-j didnt help. Also do i understand it correctly, that the free BCM version does not have mouse support for the "view move", or is it that i simply couldnt find it. Thanks. aiming with ins/del and arrows is a real pain. I think its.. triple inverted?
  6. Whats the difference between different saves, and how do i save the game FULLY. I have BCM but its seems the same saving method is used. So save&exit isnt that reliable? Why does it have an additional penalty of closing the game session.
  7. well i maybe wouldnt call my hardware exactly recent but i see your point here. Luck issue probably. On a related note, do you know how to remove autopilot navplots. I accidentally clicked on too much in navcomputer, and now no matter what i select as target in HUD, the autopilot tries to fly to some remote star system for no reason.
  8. none here. Forced AF already caused funny things to happen in other games, so i checked all combinations of AA,AF and CatAI, from all disabled to all enabled. But no improvement. I also have the "blue lines" effect on radar display as described by OP. Not sure if its card, game or driver related. Disabling every option in menu doesnt help too. Specs are AthlonXP 3200+ WinXP sp3/32bit, ati x1600pro catalyst 9.1
  9. I have exactly the same problem and have an ATI x1600pro card. "Dynamic stars FX" causes weird lines on screen. Whats more, regardless of the above option, or turning on/off anything else, decoupling guns causes icons on the right side of screen flicker. For example the Command Craft Status button in the lower right corner begins to flash with Hyperdriver icon and Cloaking system icon(yes, in that order). Fighter control button begins to be replaced with a Wrench and some scale. The other two flash with some status symbol icons. BCM here.
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