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  1. You chaps are complete stars! "UC" downloading as we speak and "BCM" due for a swift deletion. That was rather a short stay on my hard drive wasn't it. Sorry "BCM" I don't mean to seem fickle, but the truth is I fancy your better looking cousin! Thanks again all.
  2. Where did you get that I thought it was the collectors edition SC? Thanks for the link, though I doubt I'll be dipping quite that deep into my hard pressed pockets. Lest we forget, this thread started off when a cheapskate Badger needed advice on a game he downloaded for free! I might be tempted by the version for under a tenner though, I'll have to give it some thought. Thanks for all the help guys. Badger
  3. Here it is. Turns out that the price I saw was for "used, in very good condition", but they do have new for under a tenner. http://www.play.com/Search.aspx?searchtype....x=0&go.y=0 Badger
  4. That sounds great RT I'll have a look into it. I can't see the collectors edition for sale at the usual places I buy online, but I've just noticed I can buy the non collectors edition for less than รบ3 !!!! That has to be worth a flutter once patched up to date. Badger
  5. Thanks for the help guys. I suspected as much although I am surprised that "Gold" is still chargeable when standard "Millennium" is free. It's all the updates and some extra scenarios right? Enough to warrant dipping into your wallet rather than play it's little brother for nothing? The "docs" in the game folder will be just the job thanks. A manual and a tutorial and a keyboard legend! I feel spoiled! Thanks again Badger
  6. Thank you for the speedy reply Wolferz I'll jump right on that manual file and see what I can do with it. You didn't tackle my version issue though, ie is 1.09.032 "Gold"? I did have a peek at the search function as it happens, but either my "Gold" question is not covered, (too bleedin obvious probably ) or else I failed to hit on the right combination of words in the short time I had to play with it. Thanks again Badger
  7. Hi All Brand new to the game having only downloaded it yesterday and already it's had me scratching my head in confusion. Then there was more head scratching when I tried to find a current forum! We Badgers are a simple folk and I can't help but think that getting stuck so very early on, does not bode well for me having the smarts to run such a complex game. Never mind though, I've found you and now I have the attention of experts, I hope you won't mind if I ask you a couple of (possibly silly) questions. 1/ The link I clicked on for the free download, billed it as "Battlecruiser Millennium Gold Edition" and I ended up with version 1.09.03. When I went to make sure this was the latest however, I found that patches for "Gold" (unless I'm missing the obvious) were more in the region of 1.01.** Also "box art" pictures seem to have "Gold" on them, where my splash screen does not. Am I right in thinking that 1.09.03 is not after all, "Gold"? 2/ Haven't properly started the game yet. I clicked on "Training Academy" obviously expecting basic tutorial, but ended up standing on the ships bridge whistling to myself as nothing much seemed to be happening. NO instructor, text or otherwise seemed to have joined me...... hmmmm, these buttons look tempting, perhaps I should just press them all?? Oh.. what does s.e.l.f.d.e.s.t.r.u.c.t. mean?............ Thanks all Badger
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