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  1. The commander is about to touch the fire button to kill the ship attacking Resnig's Shuttle. He misses, and presses SC-1 Self destruct.
  2. I was in a lone Megaron traveling under the name of GCV-GrotleAir. I had just come out of HJ to get to the wormhole leading to CyronVI when those stupid Valkyries sent 8 ships up my rear end. I had Fleet C&C and the Hyperion Subspace device onboard, so I got three NPCs to help and sent out all 4 fighters. GrotleAir was the third best ship in the Terran military, and had all the upgrades and artifacts. Most of the crew had AI of 85-95 %. So, I decided to make a run for it. With engines full, and afterburner on, I set out for CyronVI. Managing to buy some time while I sent out more NPCs to destroy the ships, I made it into CyronVI with a Solnar from Adonis, and a fighter. I sent down my OTS-Bugnor to do some damage on CyronVI and HJ to the station. When arriving at the station, I had 3 mins of cloak left. I captured the station, blew up XTENDOR ODS and bought some more Iridium. 13 enemy ships were closing in on my lone NPC. I waved goodbye to it, and sent down my R.A.N.D.O.M weapon , blew up CyronVI. However, a noise that I did [b]NOT want to hear boomed through my speakers. 'Iridium stores depleted, cloaking system inoperable' So, the full force of 13 Valkyrie ships was unleashed on GrotleAir. Just then, I remembered that Shuttle 1 had bought in some Iridium from a Cargo Pod in POLARIS 2. I transferred it to GrotleAir, and used my cloak for 20 seconds before it ran out. In that time, I sent out and SOS signal, got 3 Firestorms to help me and loaded near enough every last person onboard the shuttles. I, however, stayed on the bridge. The cloak wore off, and 12 enemy ships managed to damage my ship so badly. I gated out to Uncharted/Nulspace and began repairs. Logistics computer had remained completely intact, and I got my engineers to repair me. Man, NEVER go to CyronVI without at least 120 mins of Iridium loaded.
  3. I'd like to see you Gammulans fight against my brand new spankling Firestorm. Ever heard of the Droidians? POP! I'm there. POP! I'm in the Droidian sector! POP! I just launched a RANDOM on Gamma-1! POP! I just launched my other RANDOM on that Valkyrie planet that leads to the Gammulan sector! POP! I'm docked at Galcom HQ! POP! I'm behind you with 20 STS missiles up you ships backside! POP! I'd like to see you make it to Nul_Space! POP! I just RANDOMed Gamma-1! POP! I just launched 8 fighters on your ship! POP! I'm back in the Droidian Sector! POP! Hello, Galaxians!
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