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    All Aspect Warfare from Steam

    Wierdness. I've tested it on other games, though I'm only using 32 bit this round. My next load will be 64bit. I have the following system, so that shouldn't be it, but just in case. X4 920 Processor at 2.8GHz 8GB ram, though with 32 bit I'm only get 3.25 so I can't wait to switch to 64bit OS) Windows 7 gives me a 5.9, though the only item NOT above 7.0 is the disk transfer rate. that what brings me down. I have yet to figure out why since its a sata 3 drive. I have an ATI RADEON 4800 w/1G of GDDR5 I can run the game at MAX values on everything video and audio and it doesn't even stutter, though I do wonder what my FPS is, and it rocks. I just can't seem to get used to using the arrow keys and keyboard for fly.
  2. CharZinta

    All Aspect Warfare from Steam

    Thanks for the Welcome. Are you running your joystick on Windows 7 pro? I only just got the demo, because Steam said it was cool and god figure they were right, and I am thinking this must be my next purchase. As far as the keys I was reading through the game FAQ and KB and just couldn't find the key map. Thanks for the one. I still have a lot to learn but it looks a blast.
  3. I love the premise of the game. The demo played I got on steam is incredible but the functions of the keyboard controls drive me a bit crazy. I enter vehicles but cannot leave them? I cannot get my Saitek X52 Flight control system to be recognized by the game. Other than that, so far, I think I have the game maxed out on audio and video graphics and it runs fine so far. Now I'm not a power game I don't expect 200FPs when in reality your only going to get 80 but I haven't found a problem visually or auditory wise. I will post more as I work through the game but I think this game has super potential and I love it.