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  1. Greetings! My name is Nandor and i am new to both forums, AND Universal Combat! I believe have read through all of the posts about patching and could not find one that adhered to my problem. My problem: I have bought UCCE(Universal Combat Collectors Edition) from Direct2Drive.com, and when i try to update the game, it always has the same errors. Error 1: Could not write over, "Fxmodel.???" (my mistake if i mis-spell anything! apologies!) Error 2: Could not write over, "UCCE.exe" I have tried: -Uninstall and Re-install game, re-patch. No help, same errors. -Installing over the patch once again. Still no help, same errors. -Using both the updater AND internet for downloading the patches. Still no help, same errors. I ran the Updater.exe in the main folder and it said that Version 1.04 was available for download! So i clicked it and it took me to a website with a bunch of patches; http://www.direct2drive.com/patches/index.aspx so i looked up the collectors edition patches and there was only 1.05, which i downloaded. I tried to install it and it gave me once again, on a fresh new install, the same errors. (by fresh install i mean i uninstalled the game from control panel, then went to the 3000AD folder in my C drive and deleted the Universal Combat Collectors Edition folder.) I am at a loss my friends, please help me with this, If anyone can that is! Sincerely, Nandor ps. My game version is 1.03 i believe.