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    New to the game.

    didn't know this. Thanks! nice to know! .
  2. RAMjb

    New to the game.

    ty for the answer Nwah . Will return to that save eventually, so wanted to have some ideas on what to do to get into role
  3. RAMjb

    New to the game.

    Hey guys, just got back from some days out, thanks for the welcome . Well, thing is, that I'm not a Ter/Mil commander in that save. I'm a Terran Diplomat...and don't know exactly what's expected on me if I want to, as you say, stick to the role (something that I'm very much inclined to...if I knew what to do ). I mean, as part of the military, or as an assasin, etc, is pretty much clear which are your goals...but as a diplomat?...no idea, that's why I'm asking for tips
  4. Hey there. I'm RAMjb, spanish, 32 y.o. Just stumbled upon this game a couple days ago doing some random searches on google (is what I do when I'm bored, lol). I found a reference about BC 3000 as published by take two. I remember that game; well, in fact what I recall is all the bad stuff said about it, and that it was said to be one of the worst things ever released. But I always loved the concept and the idea behind the game. One of my first computer games ever was old good Elite, for Amstrad CPC. I played it as a kid and was stunned about how deep could a game be (and even more stunned nowadays knowing how limited was hardware at the time). BC3000 always seemed the same to me: a free universe to fall into and do as you wish as a warship commander. So I kept reading about the old BC3000, reasons why it mostly failed, and looked for what happened to the mind behind the original project. And here I was surprised to see that the game was still alive and kicking, and highly updated. So I kept looking and found a couple good references about UC, how good (and intimidating) it is... and for the first time in years I purchased a software product without really knowing what it was or how good/bad it could be. You guys don't know me, but for me to do that...is higly unlikely (too much garbage being sold in the gaming market nowadays). And, so, here I am. Purchased UC: Collectors Edition v2. And I'm scared as hell now. No, seriously, I am. I've played and mastered most simulators you can think of, starting from old Spitfire 40 for Amstrad CPC, down to the ultra-complicated and realistic DCS:Black Shark (where you have to go through an intensive training just to switch the chopper on and take off), going all the way through Aces High or IL2(and iterations) on the way. And even with all that behind me, this game scares the heck outta me. Seems simply -too much-. When I saw a tutorial (a tutorial!) of 97 pages I already was with a puzzled face and an absolute "you're kiddin' me" feeling inside me. At the same time, and more so after doing part of the tutorial, I've found exactly what I hoped for. If I ever wanted to be a commander of a spaceship with all the things it involved, this is it. Star trek on steroids (and much much more lethal, for the looks of it). So at the same time I'm scared by its scope, I'm loving it. But I'm scared by the scope of the game. Seems simply TOO big, and me too ignorant to know exactly what to do at a given moment, hehehehe. I'm sure that you're absolutely tired of newbies asking already answered questions, that's why I'm going to proceed now and start searching for tips all around this forums...but I can't help but ask a question that really has me wondering now. In fact two. Now that I think of it, three . 1- Is there really no way to speed the game up?. Not important so far, but I'm sure I'll sooner or later I'll find some moments where there's nothing to do waiting for an upgrade/repair/whatever thing to happen and nothing to do in my hands... 2- First non-tutorial game I opened I created a Terran diplomat in Roam. Figured that a non-combat character with just one chaste to worry about would be just fine to give the first steps around into the game's universe. But, honestly, I don't know what I'm expected to do as such. Tips? ideas?. 3- Other that the ACM included in the game are there any more for other chastes?. That's all for now. Hey, you can't expect a noob to say hello without dropping a couple questions, right? . Off I go now to look for information and tips for other things I have in my mind right now . So, hello...great to be here...and what a nice game this seems to be!