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  1. So what you are saying is it could be a possibility.
  2. A custom scenario? Maybe like a zombie infested base that you have to kill all the zombies before they can get to another town/base or you lose? Not sure what you are getting at, like there is no way to possibly make a zombie?
  3. Yeah, I know, but we can dream, right?
  4. Well I must say good points, but I would love to see this and not sure what I could do to make this a working project, unless I can somehow gain a funding and maybe get Valve and 3000AD to joint-ops this as a game in itself. Just saying it is a cool idea, but I guess it is crazy when you get those facts.
  5. Well I was watching Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D and when Alice was doing her video log in her plain I thought of UCCE, then I got an idea, what if someone made the popular zombie mod that every game seems to have now on one server at least, and make a downloadable single/multiplayer mod where Earth was overrun by the zombie apocalypse and it would be rare for living to attack living, even military and insurgents, and undead would not attack undead and instead it would ban together (although living will sometimes fight eachother, maybe even backstab) and the zombies can kill and dead become zombies after a while, but sometimes someone survives a zombie attack and lives to eventually become ill, die, and become a zombie which could lead to an infected living being aboard a shuttle of survives off Earth (some NPCs will be civilians trying to survive, and they may have bases and cities that are being either city-wide or planet-wide evacuated, difference being a city-wide evac means they are just going to say, get out of town and a planet wide would be less common in cities and more common on military style bases with air/space shuttles to evac civilians off the planet) and perhaps an infected living could be transported, and either go zombie onboard the ship or the inhabitable planet they land on. Players would NEVER play zombies because they would die, therefore being brought to a KIA screen and ending the game for them and leaving a multiplayer corpse for their friends if they were playing online. This would be pretty cool because you would have such vast area to play on and it will truely make a zombie apocalypse feel. This means instead of some story-mode game where you play on a track of objectives or some zombie mod where you have some map to play on you would instead have an actual replica of the Earth and a couple universes to play on. So what I am asking is if anyone can create or help me create this?
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