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  1. i understand the rules are that i must have already purchased a 3000ad company product before i can make a product inquiry on this forum, however unlike most kids who own tons of games since they're 5, i simply never have owned any video games of my own, nor any 3000ad releases at the moment. which is why i'm posting as i would like to purchase a 3000ad product and i'd just like to be informed on this DRM online issue, and this "65 in-game years" limit that they have. did any cd-rom edition of any 3000ad games came with online activation and starforce? when i buy universal combat collector's edition precisely which game would require online activation and which wouldn't? i move around often so i can't always stayed connected online to play as its impossible for me to settle down in any long term residency with a permanent internet connection in the foreseeable future. universal combat CE edition has a serial number Inside the cd-rom, so would an internet connection be required to activate all the games inside online? or is it only required during installation for a particular/all the games? i've read that all 3000AD games have a universe-span of 65 ingame years, so precisely how....long is that in real life time? would there be enough time for me to do everything i want? can i still continue a new campaign/free roam mode with my old ship and crew after the universe-span is up? or would the game just ends and i can't play in that savefile anymore? is galactic command available on cd-roms? if so, where can i purchase it? i can only get internet access from a internet cafe to do all my internet chores, i simply cannot access steam software it's impossible for me, so thanks for reading this post and thank for replying!
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