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    Free roam in UC Free, Enemies never attack

    I've been wondering if there werent certain Castes/careers which were more likely to be attacked, but I havent ever figured it out. Maybe merchants, but then you really can't fight back, so it sort of defeats the purpose. I'll look into the cheat mode, although I've never heard of it here before.
  2. Hello, its been many years since I last came to these forums back in the good old days. I started playing UC free edition again, a fun old game, and I wonder if anyone who knows the game better would be able to answer a question of mine. I found that in Roam and Explore scenario, no enemies attack me, with the exception of a pair of fighters which sometimes spawn at enemy stations when I enter a system. Nothing larger than a fighter will ever attack me, and usually only fighters that are spawned from the stations themselves, not from other ships. The game is still fun, but I like the challenge of having to defend myself from enemy attack if I go into a hostile area. Usually I play as an Insurgent, Earthcom, or Military of the Terran or Gammulan races--generally I will use a Battlecruiser or the Megaron. Is there any configuration that would make enemies attack me more often--or is this just part of the free-roam design? Or, are there other variants of free roam for download anywhere that would work with UC Free?(I havent found any, but you never know...) Anyways, thanks for reading/responding if you do.