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    Unrepairable fighter (UCCE 2.0)

    Yeah i too have had a problem with one of my fighters not getting past 78% (shields i beleave) in repairs in the station and since the bit is undamaged (not red) it hasnt got the option to replace it. I even baught new FC shields.
  2. Hi guys its my first topic on forum. I have been playing BC games on and off for a long time though. I am currently playing UC free downloaded version. Anyways my topic is this, just wondering what tactics you guys use to take over enemy stations. What i usually do is i hyper jump to the nearest place like an orbital defence satellite then jump from there to the supply station just before engaging hyper drive i engage cloak. I then would arrive out of hyper just infront of the station and with cloak on then proceed to shoot and capture. Oh and also enemy star bases on the planet. you dont capture them rite? you can only destroy them?