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  1. That link you posted is not a standard patch. It is an upgrade. If you have the D2D version of the game, use the game's "Check For Update" shortcut to download the latest patch, or download it from here and do the patch manually. So, what you need to do now is to uninstall the game, delete the folder, re-install the game and patch it as described above. Don't use the 2.0 upgrade unless you know what you doing, since it is not supported. I did that and it seems to work. Thanks.
  2. When i go into options to change some settings, and press on the exit button, the game exits completely. Same when I try to save a game, I press Quit and Save and it just exits without saving. I have the latest patch (http://www.filefront.com/13775268/Universal-Combat-CE-2.0---Fixed-Patch/) and have the downloaded version from Direct2Drive of UCCE
  3. When I increase the speed of my Battlecruiser, it should have a maximum speed of 400, but it only goes up to 200. What do I do wrong?
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