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  1. K, I've read on a couple of occasions that the game is going to go down the line of AAW in terms of control mechanics, so I have a question/concern about that: I've been pretty reluctant to try AAW for various reasons, however for the purpose of experimentation I got the demo from steam and found the FPS mechanics lacking. There's an annoying mouse acceleration that I couldn't remove from the input options; and the 0 sensitivity wasn't so low on my 2.6k DPI mouse. The recoil on weapons is weird at best. One of the weapons in the demo has an individual button for zooming in which however requires you to zoom back out if you zoom in too much, which is unneeded and cumbersome. Projectiles themselves just don't feel like having much of a punch, which is also not so pleasent. What I'm asking is, how similar are the controls and FPS mechanics of LOD compared to those in AAW? I don't think you'll generate enough interest in players within the twitch community with a game that has such a funky control scheme. Apart from the fact that the default binds are just ridiculous and a lot of commands could've been united with a contextual control, the mouse control just isn't good enough. I'd suggest trying to copy the fluidity/mechanics of simple games like Q3 or HL as a baseline, while adding different options for players to choose like mouse acceleration, mouse smoothing, etc. I can guarantee you that people won't look twice at a game that is as frustrating initially as AAW is in terms of controls.
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    Line Of Defense Announced!

    Sup! 2 questions: 1) Are we gonna get a EU server? 2) When are we going to see some footage of the game in action?