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    Sci-Fi MMOFPS, RTS, Anything Sci-fi, Ultimate Space Sims, etc
  1. Mayjori

    Most recent UC?

    son of a... i totally misinterpreted what i read, i got so excited thinking you could, lol.
  2. Mayjori

    Most recent UC?

    thanks for the info, after lots more reading today Ill stick with v2.0 and be picking up AAW as well, though i havent seen anywhere does aaw have the whole walking around in cap ships deal that UC does? How different are the games?
  3. Mayjori

    Hey guys.

    old PS player (would start again but lost access to old email and forgot station password :?) Im watching both these MMO's with a hawk's eye
  4. Mayjori

    Most recent UC?

    thank you for the prompt response you two, I really appreciate it! I'll be picking up UCCE 2.0 in the next couple of weeks based on that info . I installed the free one briefly, but im a bit of a graphics whore (when i have the option , and have a very nice gaming machine. How active are the multiplayer servers and whats it like, I might pick up V1.0 as well if the mp is decent? You wouldnt happen to know if the Saitek X52 works with the game on Windows 7 64 do you?
  5. Mayjori

    Most recent UC?

    So I ran across DS's name on rockpaperscissors and started reading up on 3000AD (WTF i havent heard of you guys before is boggling my mind right now....) and was reading about UC and just about fell out of my seat when i realized I had missed it...... so I decided to look into it. I found: http://www.fileplanet.com/183569/180000/fileinfo/Universal-Combat-Free-Full-Singleplayer on fileplanet (obviously;), and am wondering if this is the latest greatest (especially engine/graphics wise) iteration of UC or do i need to purchase (once i have the funds) Universal Combat CE v2.0 to experience the latest and greatest iteration of UC? DOes UC support 1920 x 1080? Just to make sure im reading everything correctly, UC is the latest FPS/Space Fighting combining game you guys have? I still can't get over that I havent ran across you guys before >.<, its like I was going to church and they failed to tell me about the bible or something after 10 years of going. DS, LOVE how outspoken and blunt you are, great reads and I'm looking forward to becoming an avid 3000AD supporter thanks for any assistance/info!!