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  1. I really like the feature list of this game, sounds like combat will be a lot of fun and the screenshots so far look good. Couple of points for discussion/questions: Are there any plans for integrated voice chat? A team based fps like this really requires voice chat imho, especially in the middle of combat. It is of course possible to use an external voice program but integrated would be much easier to manage. IÆm curious what other people think about this. As IÆm not in the U.S. or EU, (IÆm in Australia), I often have a problem with twitch type games when playing, as I must, with a solid 200-300ms ping. The problem is usually with aiming and hit boxes being out of sync which usually makes pvp practically impossible and at best frustrating. I have seen some regular fps games that seem to deal with this quite well though the mmofpsÆ I have tried failed miserably (1 very recent release in particular). I was wondering if there is anything done in LOD to deal with this sort of problem (if indeed anything can be done). Tbh IÆm hopeful the continent/world design, if I understand it correctly, will help with this. Do any others have this sort of problem with mmofps games? (Finally) last question ûas thereÆs no resources/crafting, are there other advantages/motivations planned, beyond earning cep, to keep players taking/retaking bases? Look forward to seeing more info on this game as it comes.