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    Line Of Defense - GDC2012 Coverage - IGN

    Hey i meant no offence to what LOD is trying to do but in the end it will be contending with Planetside 2. Planetside in all respects brought large scale MP FPS to the for front of of PC gaming, not to forget WW2 online.Theres nothing wrong with taking ideas from other games "if its not broke don't fix it"(and I do know of AAW), but you have to face the facts that in this preview it highlights mainly the things that planetside has done already. That being said be more mindful of why many people are having the "it looks like planetside" response and start emphasizing on what LOD does(space is always a plus with me), that PS doesn't, when you present your game to the media to ensure that people " Stop the foolishness". Be wary to what happened to Too Human When the Dev talked big about the the game and got to personally involved with what was being said about the game in development; not that i can blame them' it is their baby.All this being said I have seen LOD on the web before and your site had lacked updates leaving little reason to check it often hence me making a"Uninformed statement". But instead of writing a big post like this. I went with a small sentence that summed up the what i thought of the game so far. To close: Good luck with getting this game out on the market competition is always good and pushes the evolution of games forward. -53551
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  3. i want to play a star wars games

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  9. Anyone want to play words with friends?

  10. I decided to dust of and old electronic album i made years ago enjoy :)http://soundcloud.com/radar11x/sets/bass-war