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  1. zzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzz bored to death nothing to do

  2. Thinking of upgrading to a 2nd GTX 460 SCE SLI FTW :D

  3. http://t.co/1Xvtiiz Awesome! Although i play as medic since BF2 :)
  4. Hmmmmm should Blacklight:R have collectibles like dog tags when you knife someone...?

  5. #MW3 or #BF3 who wins this year FPS GOTY? I would go for BF3 :)
  6. Funny... thanks to the hackers we know that Sony is using a older version of Linux 2.6.9-2.6.24 and using a older version of Apache 2.2...... Times changes Sony.......

  7. Everyone who has a Playstation 3 watch your Bank Account... ALL OUR DATA HAS BEEN CAUGHT to the hackers...everyone watch your Bank Account and hope for the best...... Shit happens..... Watch your corners marines!

  8. You went to bed early last night, I see you turned off your phone, You never returned my calls. Restraining order? What about our love? I have pictures of you. Hundreds..................

  9. I have applied for Minh Le's new FPS Tactical Intervention Closed Beta! Click here to apply! http://ti.mayngames.com

  10. I need #GearsofWar3Beta been all day trying to get one >.<

  11. Tommorow gonna play Halo Reach anyone fancy to join =)?

  12. so hard to get a GoW3 code rhrhrhrhr

  13. I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known Don't know where it goes But it's home to me and I walk alone

  14. Turns out Slant Six will fail once more in Resident Evil: Operation Raccon City...just like they did with SOCOM:CONF... i guess we shall find out pretty soon FALL 2011 =p

  15. "We know how to do that. We want to create the same experience on the consoles but that doesn't mean from a technology perspective you'll get the same full-on hardware experience because the PC has more RAM, more CPU, more GPU. You can't beat that, it's impossible. Scaling that down, dumbing that down for PCs - that's just sad." That's it YOU DEVELOPERS who go against this fuck you go suck your console gamers ass.

  16. Rogues do it in the darkness Rogues do it where the sun don't shine Rogues And with a little drop of poison Rogues do it from behind Gonna creep inside your back

  17. Trying to install Project Reality 0.95 on Desktop hmm

  18. Off to bed if anyone has a spare code to Gears of War 3 beta would be awesome! ;D

  19. “This isn’t a war ordinary humans can win…”

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