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  1. THanks for the response. Doesn't look like this will be our cup of tea.
  2. I just stumbled into this site, after one of my guildies posted the link. I've been reading through your faq and have a few questions: 1. In game population. In your FAQ you state that each continent will be limited to 256 players. What does this number entail? Is this in game population? Is this total toons logged in the area? In a base capture scenario, what is to prevent one facction from simply overwhelming another (offensively/defensively) by preemptively massing toons on continent and preventing an enemy from even being there? 2. Factional model. You list 2 factions. Is the game purely faction vs. faction or is inter faction combat permitted (ie. guild vs. guild)? 3. Player assets. Assets are listed as mostly vehicles. you payment model lists the ability for a premium account member to buy housing. The FAQ lists these as small, basically vanity units that will house up to 4 people. Are there any plans for players to have the ability to build their own major bases (again, in support of a gvg combat model)? or will we be strictly relying on fighting over static assets (ie. keeps in daoc)? 4. The fAQ is kind of confusing (im a simple fella) with regards to the asset destruction...it says that player housing is protected, that you pay a lease on it, that it's protected when you're not in game. How many of a fire team have to be online for a base not to be protected? How do / can you destroy another players assets? what happens to 'your stuff' when your asset is destroyed. 5. Looting. Is there player looting? 6. End game. What is the point? capturing bases and all that. But is there a larger agenda...there are no resources, no crafting, thus no trade or economy, besides just blowin stuff up...why should i care? Not to be flippant...jsut there are game sthat hold your attention for 30 days, and games that hold your attention for years. 7. How, as a dev, are you not going to 'burn' the player base the last batch of open world/ffa games that have hit the market have been painful, embarrassing launches. Darkfall. MO. Earthrise. Xsyon (trudging through that one right now). The premise of an easily accessible, yet complex, open world pvp game is a grossly untapped niche in the market place- but every release seems to be worse than the last. So, again, not to try to offend, but what level of design features do you plan to release with...what is planeed to be added after launch? Thanks
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