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  1. Hmm, if you're looking into great storylines and such, I recommend Witcher Enhanced Edition and its' sequel, Witcher 2, they are awesome RPGs, especially with the alchemy part and LONG story. There is a demo for witcher 1 if you want to check it out, it has full gameplay features and I suspect all the potions can be made, several quests and a part of the main quest. Apart from that, I'm at a loss as well regarding games and which I should invest in.... here it is: http://www.gamefront.com/files/9255264/The-Witcher-Demo/ Cheers
  2. I've been looking everywhere on the forums and main site but I can find no tools for modding UCCE. Can anyone direct me to some modding hints or something. For example I can't find objdefs.scr in the game folder,searched everywhere. According to this thread it should provide me with what I need to change my game: Cheers
  3. Hello, I have a couple of questions about the game files. I have managed to find how to change asset loadouts for the roam mode, and so I can put as many fighters as I want in my BCMK1 for example, but I have yet to find a way to modify weapon rating values,so that I can divide the ratings of station turrets by 10 and actually make station conquest a fleet action with cool action scenes. Also, I noticed that crew numbers are hardcoded, so I can have more than 8 pilots, and no more than 40 marines. Any way to change those values, so I could just double the number of pilots and use the same set of 8 npcs that are provided? Any ideas? Cheers
  4. Yes, I know that can happen, but how come it's always the vesperons that declare war on the terrans? I also noticed in one game that traders went from friendly to neutral vs ter/mil. Can this be connected to the amount of ships from one faction that get killed in another faction's region? Traders get whacked often because they linger around, and I don't bother protecting them all the time, but I haven't seen vesperons in or around polaris for a whole week....
  5. Hey, at least some reply that nobody actually noticed this bug would be nice....
  6. Hello, I got UCCE 2.0 several weeks ago, and I encountered the following bug: I'm playing as ter/mil and patrolling around the polaris system. After several days of game time I've noticed the vesperons turn hostile to me, and I don't understand why. This is also a bug I've encountered in UC original version That was after only 7 hours of gameplay. They appear as hostile to all ter/mil and attack on sight. I also get points for destroying them. I suspect this is an unknown bug as I have yet to see anyone report this. I have managed to repeat the situation on different game installs, different operating systems, with cheat mode on and without cheats ever used. After a while the ves/mil always turn hostile toward ter/mil. Is this supposed to happen? Waiting for a reply. cheers
  7. Well. finally got UCCE 2.0. last weekend and after a bit of trouble managed to make it work. So, the first sight: 1) Graphics are awesome as expected, the battles are a sight to see, especially planetside. And I love the way ACTIS IV looks from space! 2) I was disappointed that marines still cannot be issued waypoints, and you still have to micromanage them, but they do seem to act better when deployed from a shuttle, and in combat in general, at least they actually go prone and can avoid enemy fire. 3) The AI bases are smaller, but the tanks actually attack and no more useless props. However, I noticed that the hitpoint values for the bunkers are 10 times greater than stated in the appendix(appendix = 1500, game=15000), and the launchpads have 3 times the hp as well. Also, the MFB seems to be bugged, when I observe a base it starts moving around aimlessly on SAD orders, and when in actual combat it never hits anything because the turrets are at odd angles. The original UC MFB was a beast on the battlefield, I miss it... but overall vehicle combat seems to be a lot better, so a small price to pay. 4) I have noticed a bug regarding the AI marine response. It's fine for starbases and cities, but the other bases(the normal bases mbasexx) just don't seem to launch marines anymore, even when I'm jumping on top of their bunker and stealing stuff. I did notice them launching marines once, but that's about it, no repeatability, and my marines go about their business undisturbed in the enemy base. The marine combat was the one of the cool features I looked forward too, could this be a bug from my install? 5) ODS units don't work. I've tried everything, but to no avail. ODSs just don't fire, no matter what. I tried a trick by installing the UCCE 2.0 patch over the UCCE 2.0 install, and that actually fixed some instability and graphics issues I had on first trial, but ODS units are non-functional. I read on the forums that there are a few people with this bug as well. Seems to be related to a pure UCCE 2.0 install. 6)Space combat is at its best now, the AI seems to be a lot better too, launching everything it has against the target, including missiles, fighters, etc, and dodges better too. Battles seem to last longer as well. I'm loving it. 7) The scenarios, at least the ones I tested so far, are great, lots of eye candy for the marine missions and everything is pure action. That's about it so far, will post more after more testing around. Cheers
  8. There was this one time in UC when some weird thing happened, I was ter/mil and I had ordered an attack of my fleet against the assassin station in Chanis-2. I had cheat mode active so I could order ves/mil ships as well and I ordered the fleet to attack the station. Well, eventually I decided to capture the station and so I did, but the ves/mil ship still attacked the station or something. Anyway, the ves/mil dude got destroyed somehow and ever since ves/mil have started attacking ter/mil on sight and they appear hostile on radar, ter/mil ships and ves/mil ships fight each other now just like gamulans for the entire duration of that game. So that leads me to the conclusion that faction relations in UC and UCCE can be altered if you give the wrong orders to ships of your faction under your command. Anyone else experienced this before? Cheers
  9. Woa, awesome dude, the space marine deployment via shuttle works perfectly. Awesome feature!!! Now I don't have to float solo, I can bring 2-4 more people with me to fight in space Canshow: yes, when I get UCCE I will let you know if ODS work. I am curious about that myself, since they were a killer back in BC3000AD and I loved that, real orbital defense. I also do remember the time when stations were defenseless and GalcomHQ always died the first 10 minutes into the game when some raiders or insurgent carriers spawned and whacked it.
  10. 1. The manual appendix states that uninhabited planets gradually get populated by the race/col transports that get to them. Does that actually happen at some point or is it just for atmosphere? Same goes for explorers that "flee" to a planet I guess? To quote from manual: "This caste contains personnel and families for cultivating a planet and is usually found with exploration castes. When created, the population of the planet will increase and colonies, cities, etc, will start to sprout up all over the planet. This caste determines the population of the planet." 2. Do the ground units in the weapons section of the tradcom serve any purpose at all except for trade? can't they be beamed down and activated or something? 3. Is space marine combat supported in UCCE? I know AI space marines occasionally pop out from an AI ship attacking a station both in roam and in campaign but I can't seem to be able to launch mine(still have UCfree, UCCE coming soon) 4. Do AI ships in UCCE ever use mines? They are very neat features. 5. Can you ever order a ship under your command to cloak? You can apparently activate/deactivate cloak control for carriers but they never actually cloak under your command.... Cheers
  11. Related to UCCE: 1) Is it possible to mod the asset load-out of a carrier? Like put a MFB instead of a CAV or a vandal instead of an interceptor mk1? Can the MFB be modded to be used and dropped by shuttles and such? I know it carries a marine complement in UC, is that still valid for UCCE? 2) Can the weapon loadout of marines be modded? At least in UC I rarely see Assault marines with the rocket launcher, and they rarely use it anyway, preferring to use the secondary weapon. If I only equip them with heavy weapons that might make them more effective. 3) How user friendly is the GBS for scenario editing? Does it come with the digital version of UCCE? Can I edit all available scenarios? Cheers
  12. We no longer have the boxed Universal Combat Collectors Edition version for sale, but you can probably find it on eBay or Amazon. Be very careful when doing that 1.0 to 2.0 update because some people don't pay attention and a lot of things go wrong. Plus, it will only work with the 1.01.04 patch. Plus, that free update that you found will only work with the Digital River v1.00.0.5 So you have to purchase the DR 1.00.05 version and install it, then apply the 1.01.04 patch, then apply the 1.0x to 2.0 patch. Good luck. If you have issues with the license key, read this KB Article #19 My advice is that if you don't need multiplayer (you'd have to find someone to play it with, for starters), you are better off just getting the full v2.0 version. Thanks a lot for all the advice and information. I have decided to eventually get 2.0 directly, MP is mostly dead anyway, as everyone put it, and I'm really more interested in the campaigns and solo play for the game. Plus too much hassle with D2D. Will be getting it soon enough, then probably I'll flood the forums with questions and praise. Cheers
  13. I know about the cheat mode activation for UCCE, but it doesn't seem to work for UC free version, nor the codes from UC original, BCM gold. Does anyone have any idea about it? Mostly for the ability to speed up time(getting the crew to be able to use those artifacts again after a corrupted save/reformat takes AGES) and the ability to spawn huge fleets with large battles, oh and the ship speed, sometimes waiting hours to get anywhere is frustrating. Cheers
  14. Usually the Assault marines seem to get a shotgun and a heavy gun. Is there any variation of the weapons that they get when they spawn? in IA scenarios some of the AFMs get the rocket launcher and a more effective heavy gun than what your marines get in the Roam mode as a commander. Just curios if they always have the same equipment(even after replacing them when KIA). Cheers
  15. Thanks for the fast reply, I guess I'll get 1.0 then upgrade with the update I found. I suppose it will work, right? Just one last question, by buying it I only get the digital version, right, no more collectors edition box with all the bonus stuff?(I know I can get the other free games from the site, but the rest of the contents and the DVD I was curious about) By the way, this series of games is one of the best in my book. Great work, hope Galcom online works out. Cheers
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