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  1. Ahh, I understand now. You want to keep it believable, but you don't want to worry about having to program a billion different equations for 20 situations. I take it this also means you're not focusing on wind effects (on aircraft, smoke, projectiles, etc)? Sounds good to me.
  2. Good answers, I'll definitely check out AAW. The quoted above only concerns me slightly from a mathematical standpoint, strictly from past experiences: the time it took for my car to fall to the ground and the time it took for a feather to fall to the ground were the same times, while I should have fell much faster (due to the car feeling different drag than the feather). This lead to all sorts of "wtf" moments in combat, especially watching a massive attack ship fall to the ground in "slow motion." Downloading AAW now. Oh, also, my only reply to "You should get out more.": LOLWUT?!!
  3. I'm also genuinely curious as to the physics of the game (physics major, haha!) I read that fighter aircraft can hit mach 1 at sea level. Do they create a sonic boom? Is that sonic boom enough to rattle the environment (if I break the sound barrier over an enemy ground craft, will it rattle the ground craft? If I break the sound barrier in a dogfight, will it rock the enemy aircraft behind me and / or the enemy bullets hot on my tail (realistically if I broke mach 1 next to or in front of an enemy aircraft it'd rip that craft to ribbons)? Is gravity an acceleration based on the coulomb force of the planet and object? (gravity = GMm/r where G is the gravitational constant (Newtonian), M is the mass of the planet, m is the mass of the object (this can usually be ignored due to M>>m) and r, the distance between planet and object)? Will environment be destructible? Also, lastly, if you'd like I can have your game advertised on the Cyber Destruction website (pending the go ahead from CyberDestroyer, community leader). We get 1000 hits every hour (most people online at one time was nearly 1000) so there's quite a bit of traffic. The only thing I'd ask for in return would be a fansite kit so that I could begin work on an LOD fansite (if mustering up a fansite kit would take away resources from development, don't worry about it ).
  4. First of all, let me introduce myself! I'm Dante Wolfe / Damien Wolfe / Damien Fury (Damien Wolfe when LOD is launched), and I'm a member of the Cyber Destruction adult gaming community (www.cyberdestruction.net). I'm 22 years old, a recent college grad, and looking for a game to mend my broken heart ever since Fallen Earth and PlanetSide broke up with me . I'm just going to come out and say it: you've got one hell of a great idea going on here. It is as if you listened in on our long ventrilo rants about how there is no true MMOFPS worth playing and ran with it. Air, Sea, Ground, Space. Frakkin' awesome concepts. I do have my questions though, as everyone else does: -Combat. I read that you can play how you want and build your own class. I don't care about that () What I'm interested in, is if I shoot someone with a sniper rifle, will it put them down? If I hit someone with a rocket, will they die? The reason I ask is because PlanetSide claimed "yes! You will win if you hit them with a rocket!" But they lied. It takes something like 60 rockets to kill a tank or turret in PS, 5 rockets to kill a player (infantry), and a ton of rockets to kill another Reaver. Which it why PS and I broke up I guess what I'm asking is how realistic/deadly is combat? -Level progression: Will a level 1 be able to take a level 100? From what I understand, all leveling up does is unlock new stuff, but is that new stuff things like "MAX units" or other super silly heavy armor? I had a blast with my SMG in PS until I ran into a guy with a chaingun. No matter how many times I got the drop on the chaingun, he chewed me apart . -Taco Bell: will there be one in game? Cyber Destruction is looking forward to taking part in this new game, and I'll definitely loiter on the forums a bit and do whatever I can to help you guys, in any way I can! I would also like to add: even though we're called "Cyber Destruction," we're not a clan of children. We do not tolerate childish behavior, hacking, cheating, or anything like that.
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