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  1. How do you change the asset load-outs for free roam? I would like to change the fighter type and number. Did you download modding tools? I have looked in data and changed asstets.ini with notepad but it didn't seem to do anything. Is it possible edit the assets in ACM as well?
  2. I just recently got UCCE ver 2 and been playing it nearly non stop. Its so much more stable and better gfx than the free download I was wondering if anyone has finished playing one of the ACM campaigns and if so do they all link up? For example I'm playing the Fragile Hope ACM and when I finish this mission by escorting the 4 ships to LV 103 would I be able to REQUEST NEW ACM MISSION CTRL+ALT+C and be given another ACM?
  3. Somehow it just started working after I re installed it a few times. I did download the new .exe but I didn't need to use it. So I have the original downloaded DR version installed do I need to update the patch? I have ucce_2_0_UPG_DR.exe downloaded as well but I haven't installed it yet because I don't want to mess anything up since it seems to be working ok now. Thanks for the quick response by the way, there's not many games like battlecruiser and UC out there with that much depth and freedom, I been playing freeware for ages but I decide to buy UCCE to lend my support.
  4. I hope you guys still have support for this problem but I have just purchased Universal Combat CE version 2 from your site and downloaded via digital river. Unfortunately it ask for security key, it only works the first time I run it after install it just says retrieving key and starts game. Then when I exit the game and go back in it ask for security key and I don't receive a customer service option which I got an email saying that I will, I have put in my ID and password from the email I received after my download but it wont work. Please help I have paid for this game just so I can play the collectors edition with all the new features.
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