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  1. Robert Maxwell

    A story idea...

    I am perfectly fine with you participating, Cmdr Kristophers. However, there are just a few things that need to happen for the story to work. I retooled it a bit from the previous explanation, but this is how it works: 1) Maxwell arrives on Glory 2) Insurgents capture Maxwell + Glory 3) Maxwell joins them 4) Glory will be destroyed. 5) Hark (the Insurgent ship in the story) will have a little skirmish with GCV Desideratus (hey, isn't that name familiar?) 6) Things will basically progress as Maxwell works for the Insurgents, and the Cmdr of Desideratus plots revenge (having lost the prior battle). It's kinda obvious that it will lead to a final confrontation, but ANYTHING can happen in the meantime. Now, if, in fact, I am forced to get rid of the alternate universe and so forth, this will be the outline: 1) Maxwell is an undercover agent of Earthcom, infiltrating the Insurgents. He ends up on ICV Hark, and befriends them. 2) After that point, it's basically the same story. Desideratus and all. Except no "man out of his element" stuff, since it wouldn't be appropriate anymore. So, if you want in... feel free. Parias and I just have to do some setup, and things should be good to go. I would like to wait for any further input from the people in charge, as well. For the time being, I shall just plan the story a bit. ------------------ Cmdr Robert Maxwell GCV Desideratus Wraith Fleet, SIN Wing "I don't want the world, I just want your half!"
  2. Robert Maxwell

    A story idea...

    Okay, allow me to explain myself, Mr. Wallin. The purpose of Maxwell coming from another universe is more than just stage-setting. It makes this story a "man out of his element" tale. And, despite what your post indicated, it would VERY adversely affect the story to confine Maxwell's origins to the BC3K universe. He would be familiar with the universe and the things going on in it, and he would be on a given side no matter where he began. The way I am writing this, he is going in with no knowledge of either GALCOM's intentions or Insurgent intentions. He will be able to choose from the evidence he sees which side is the "right" side for him to be on. If he were native to the BC3K universe, it would affect the story in this way: Maxwell would probably have to start out as an Insurgent (in order to betray them later). Unfortunately, it would be ludicrous to believe GALCOM would give him a command after nearly half a century in service to the Insurgency. So, I suppose I have one other alternative: to make Maxwell an undercover GALCOM operative to infiltrate the Insurgents. Is this feasible? If so, I imagine I could rewrite the intro to this end. However, it WILL disrupt the entire original plan I had... but I suppose that's a sacrifice that has to be made. If Parias is still willing to go forward with the story, then we will both rewrite what we've done. If not, then I will delete the original post (I think that's possible, right?). I am glad you brought this to our attention, Mr. Wallin, but I am NOT pleased that I wasn't told until AFTER we had made some progress. By looking at the tone of my previous posts, I'm sure you can see I was doing my best to accommodate the "rules" of the forum. I await any further input you have. Until then, I will be retooling the story to fit within the confines set forth. Now, Aramike... As per your question, YES, the alternate universe will be mostly forgotten. It won't matter to anyone but Maxwell himself. In effect, he won't tell ANYONE where/when he is really from. The universe, as you said, will apply only to Maxwell. Another thing: while I appreciate your offer to monitor the story and essentially put your own reputation on the line, I don't believe I could accept such an offer in good conscience. It's not to say I have any intention of getting in trouble (that's why I started this thread in the first place) but I don't feel it is either necessary or fair for you to put personal stake in this when I would be the one to blame. I do not wish to invoke the wrath of anyone here... especially Mr. Smart. I just want to tell a story. ------------------ Cmdr Robert Maxwell GCV Desideratus Wraith Fleet, SIN Wing "I don't want the world, I just want your half!" [This message has been edited by Robert Maxwell (edited 01-14-2000).]
  3. Robert Maxwell

    Future Glory

    This post may be deleted. [This message has been edited by Robert Maxwell (edited 01-15-2000).]
  4. Robert Maxwell

    A story idea...

    Maxwell won't be going home. That's actually the whole idea... he gets stuck in this universe (and he probably wouldn't be too happy about it). Parias and I are going to start working on it... and then we'll see where it goes from there! Thanks for your help, everyone! ------------------ Cmdr Robert Maxwell GCV Desideratus Wraith Fleet, SIN Wing "I don't want the world, I just want your half!"
  5. Robert Maxwell

    A story idea...

    There will be battles in the story (assuming I still write it), but they will be more along the lines of minor skirmishes than cataclysmic slaughters. I don't intend for this story to adversely affect the BC3K universe... the main intent is to introduce a new character, and make a fun story out of it. Now, these are the problems I am currently having with it: 1) I have been told "No new ships, no new tech." At first, I thought it would be possible to satisfy this requirement by simply ensuring the ship and all its tech were destroyed... with GALCOM learning absolutely nothing from it. The whole incident with the ship might occupy a tiny little classified record at GALCOM HQ, and that'd be about it. I hardly think it would disrupt the universe... it would just be there for as long as it's needed, and then destroyed. I want to make it clear that the ship is nothing but a PLOT DEVICE. I have no intention of doing anything major to the universe, nor would I want to (nor would it be smiled upon). 2) The issue of defection. I realize that people can't be allowed to defect willy-nilly, but it's unrealistic to think people in GALCOM wouldn't have divided loyalties, or vice versa. My intent is not for Robert to work for GALCOM and be secretly doing favors for the Insurgency. That would be a little TOO obvious, wouldn't it? As for the "trust" issue between Maxwell and the Insurgents: Maxwell is a very patient person. If necessary, the story can span months, if not years. And wouldn't that make it all the more poignant when he ultimately betrays them to GALCOM? Believe me, I try to consider all options when writing a story, and I also try to make character evolution as natural a thing as possible. I want to stress that, while the story may come across as a "space epic" (so to speak), it is mainly an ensemble character piece. Now, please don't get on my case if I sound like I think I'm a great writer... because I don't. I write for fun. I hope people enjoy reading what I post here, because I honestly like communicating with you... I wouldn't waste my time if I didn't. I hope that when (if) I post my story here, everyone enjoys it... hopefully enough to contribute. Well, I guess I've about covered all I wanted to... I'm not out to make anyone mad, I just want to make sure I don't step on any toes. And, if there IS a problem with my ship idea (still), then please explain to me WHY it is such an enormous problem... I'm still willing to compromise. Cmdr. Robert Maxwell GCV Desideratus Wraith Fleet, SIN Wing "I don't want the world, I just want your half." -TMBG
  6. Robert Maxwell

    A story idea...

    Ouch, sounds like I have some things to think about. Hmm... maybe this wasn't such a splendid idea in the first place. -------- Cmdr. Robert Maxwell Wraith Fleet SIN Wing GCV Desideratus "Who needs diplomacy when you've got RANDOM?"
  7. Robert Maxwell

    A story idea...

    To anyone that doesn't want the story to be spoiled a bit: DON'T READ THIS POST! Heh... The basic story plot is this: Mr. Maxwell is sent to the BC3K universe to retrieve this ship... The Glory. Unfortunately, GALCOM finds it first, and decides to examine it. But all the tech they find aboard it is antiquated, except for a device they can't identify. This is the temporal device. It's the entire reason Robert is there in the first place. He ends up landing on an Insurgent ship, and decides to use them to his own benefit... and turn them in to GALCOM. As a result of this "heroic" act, he is given a command. It's not the ONLY reason he gets the command... he does have to prove himself to GALCOM more than that, of course... but it's the general idea. The general plot goes like this: 1) GALCOM captures Glory. 2) Robert comes after it, landing in Insurgent territory. 3) After securing the trust of the Insurgents (he's quite good at that kind of thing), he betrays them to GALCOM. 4) Robert is given a "temporary" command to complete a mission for GALCOM. Due to his knowledge of Insurgent installations (which he got from the Insurgents themselves), he is "ordered" to capture certain Insurgent installations. I'm willing to take volunteers here, or we can make up an obscure one, if necessary. [This message has been edited by Robert Maxwell (edited 01-08-2000).]
  8. Robert Maxwell

    A story idea...

    I suddenly realized that I had yet to write any stories on this forum! Even though I hardly ever post, I do enjoy writing, so I thought I would post here and ask for some help. I notice all of the stories here are collaborative efforts, after all. For those that are interested, the plot involves a mysterious ship, an even more mysterious man (me), and GALCOM and the Insurgents. If anyone wishes to help, please contact me! You can also reply to this thread, too, if you want to join in! I've also been told that you guys are a little picky about inserting new characters (like mine), so let me know if there is any problem. And one more thing: the story involves time travel... but it's not a "time travel" story. I don't like those anyway. It's just used for the setup, and then it's pretty much irrelevant. I hope this post made sense... it'd be the first time... ICQ: 2685176 Email: [email protected], [email protected] ------------- Cmdr. Robert Thomas Maxwell GCV Desideratus "The next time you have a bright idea, run it by ME first!"
  9. Robert Maxwell

    The Insurgents

    What I had in mind involved how Sygan became an Insurgent world. It was supposed to be an anti-GALCOM perspective on the BC3K timeline. After all, it's unfair to paint the Insurgents as being purely evil guys, isn't it? Everyone has their good points, I imagine. I've been looking through the old threads in this forum, and so far I have yet to find anything that explained Sygan's Insurgent status. But I shall look further. I do have one question, though: will I be ridiculed if I somehow fly in the face of established tales, or is this similar to other fanfic forums where everyone can have their own version of the universe? ------------------ "Being in command means you don't have to care if someone doesn't like you." --Robert Maxwell, USS Protector
  10. Robert Maxwell

    The Insurgents

    Grgh... I really do apologize for that misadventure on my part. I mostly read the technical details, not the little background bits on all the races and factions. All right, all right... I'll RTFM. Thanks for dealing with me! ------------------ "Being in command means you don't have to care if someone doesn't like you." --Robert Maxwell, USS Protector
  11. Robert Maxwell

    The Insurgents

    This is related to the stories in this forum, past and present. Has there been an origin written for the Insurgents and for GALCOM, and if so, in which threads may I find them? I was just wondering because I am kind of itching to do those origins myself (write them, I mean, into a story...). If someone else has already done it (which they most likely have) then I'll forego it. Thanks! --Robert Maxwell, USS Protector