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  1. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Jeffery Eu: Good to hear from you TRD. How are things? Things are ok, finally have a regular connection but its still only dial up. Im getting a new card since BCG wont run on a geforce2 mx and probably more RAM. Anyway talking about inercorp restructuring, it might be a good idea to retire the diplomat division for now because Im not sure if there is much interest. If more people wanting to play diplomat turn up then it can be brought back.
  2. Im still here, just about. I'll start checking the forums more often to see how things are going.
  3. I first played it at a friends house before I owned a PC in 1997. He got tired of it so I borrowed it and still have it today. It was the main reason I got an internet connection, just so I could upgrade when the patches started comming out.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Buzz: genesis effect.What does a short bald guy with an english accent suddenly appear and start singing "take a look at me now, cause there's just an empty space and you RANDOMING my [email protected]@ is chance I'll have to take" cheers allLOL
  5. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: All command line parameters go outside the quotes. e.g. "C:Program Files3000ADBattlecruiser Millenniumbcm.exe" -x0Thanks.
  6. In the faq it says: quote: Q. SOMETIMES THE GAME HANGS WHEN RESTORING A SAVED GAME A. There are reports that this could happen if you have an SB Live! card. Try adding the -x0 command line parameter to the BCM shortcut and see if that helps. This disables all distance attenuated sound processing and has no affect on the sounds themselves since BCM does not support A3D or EAX. How do I do this? Ive tried changing the target under the shortcut tab to : "C:Program Files3000ADBattlecruiser Millenniumbcm.exe-x0" But I keep getting the message: The name "C:Program Files3000ADBattlecruiser Millenniumbcm.exe-x0" specified in the target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct
  7. TRD

    TOD 2 5/5

    quote:Originally posted by Roberto: Since we are on the toipc of ACM, I have a question for anyone who may know this... Do you get a violation for all missions failed? Or is that just for certain missions like the first 2 in TOD 1? I keep replaying the second mission since I cant get the Diplomat to dock on time. I guess that teaches me for choosing a slow ship to fly! Put your AE in a FC and jump ahead of the diplomat and clear any obsticals that cold slow the diplomat down.
  8. TRD

    TOD 2 5/5

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: It does now If you don't locate the Reingard probe and shuttle by the resolution of this mission, you will lose 5000 EPs and not get the medal. I have also increased the time for this TOD and others. Ok, I can do that, but does that now mean you dont have to get the HSD from that other ship?
  9. TRD

    TOD 2 5/5

    I use flux fields 6 and 12 to get around, problem is I often end up in the wrong region when passing through, that or a black hole. No matter I'll just try again.
  10. Has anyone completed this yet? The closest Ive gotten is with the HSD on my shuttle, then the timer runs down. Anyway do you have to take it back to Galcom HQ in the alloted time, if so how? These CC's dont move as quick as they used to.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Jeffery Eu: Can do, gentlemen, please post your free times so we can get together at the ISS chat for a meeting Anytime over the next 2 weeks.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: They will only fire when they have an accurate lock solution. If that pilot is skilled, he's not hanging around long enough for your turrets to get a lock. And once they get a lock, if the target is not in the same position for the designated seconds, the lock will cancel and the turret has to reacquire. It works this way for realism and to minimize the number of AI ticks. The AI processing for turrets (especially on stations) is very intensive and it is minimized where possible. Ok that makes sense, oh well I'll just have to send out a shuttle.
  13. Do different ships have more accurate turrets, or is it just a question of rotating your ship? Im in a Megaron and ive been sitting here waiting for the next mission, while an enemy fighter has been hovering around me for about 30 mins and has hardly taken a hit from my PTA. They dont seem to fire that often, not when viewing from outside anyway. [ 12-27-2001: Message edited by: TRD ]
  14. Finaly I have BCM, and Im not swamped with asignments. Whats happening with these boards? Are they staying open now.
  15. quote:Originally posted by JJ: I am naturally a very opinionated person, but when it comes to the subject of abortion..I REFUSE TO TOUCH IT, for i am a man and will never have to deal with it...personally since this women will ONLY truly affect women i think all men should shut the hell up on this and sop trying to influence a women's decision. Womien need to be presented with the facts and make the decision themselves Alot of women say it has nothing to do with men, until its time to collect the maintenance check.
  16. I always wondered what that meant, doesnt sound like the greatest idea ive heard. One race shouldnt get prefferential treatment over another.
  17. quote:Originally posted by Tac: Yup. Any time I give my passport at any airport, my luggage and my person are inspected with twice the "dedication" as other passengers. I dont particularly like the treatment, but it is understandable. At least they dont break out the latex gloves.. yet I have a similar problem with being the only one of a group who is stopped when travelling because I used to carry a Nigerian passport. I still get it now with my brand new British one, they just spend less time checking. It is very annoying and frustrating being hassled becuase of your skin colour, but when it comes to circumstances like airport security, as much as I dont like it, its hard for me to argue against profiling. [ 11-23-2001: Message edited by: TRD ]
  18. @Jeff, your probably right, to be honest I dont see many UCV members posting anyway. @Baloogan, I like the idea of all the caste logos comming together, Got anymore? And how big is an acceptable size for one.
  19. Yeah those test arent great, but anyway after alot of reading, I have a definition to put to my political beliefs. I knew I wasnt conservative before I read anything, and even moreso after. Socialism isnt quite me, so Im one of those Liberals you love to hate I have a feeling that most people on this board who debate in these political threads are on the conservative side, or am I wrong? [ 11-16-2001: Message edited by: TRD ]
  20. Im a centrists bordering left/libertarian accordin to $iLk's link. Here's probably a more indepth test, though I think it may be British based. In this test my red dot ended up somewhere near where they put Ghandi's.
  21. Wouldnt giving yourself titles such as "liberal" and "socialist" bias you against other posters, I know how some of you hate certain schools of politcal beliefs. For example, if I said I was liberal(Im not even sure what that means), wouldnt some of you find it hard to listen to what I have to say without discounting it off hand. Besides, Im not even sure what my title would be. Are there any tests out there I could take
  22. Sorry I havent posted for a while, Uni is pissing me off at the moment. I got your email Jeff, the new layout looks good. Can you send any new messages to [email protected], its easier for me to check. Also since our numbers are pretty low, do you think we should create a recruitment thread.
  23. Maybe that explains all the information on the external views, how do I not run in debug mode?
  24. @Papi, no radiation. @Rico, Thats what I thought, version control says its 2.09 and time accel is supposed to be disabled but I can still use it. Anyway, I'll just start again and try to resist CTRL A while waiting for drones.
  25. What about Diplomats? Would you consider them "bad business" if they have any dealings with enemies of yours, or would it depend on what the diplomat had done for them?
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