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  1. quote:Originally posted by Prez: My advice? Don't re-marry! We were both divorced, so that was the plan. After 7 years, a kid and a house togther, it seemed silly not to. Marriage really does change some people.
  2. *Hand Up* Considering a second divorce, actually. Not much fun. Why do you ask?
  3. quote:Originally posted by Grizzle: Thanks Wolfheart. I figured as much, I just didn't recall it being so bad before. Anyhow, after a lengthy repair stop I'm all set to go retrieve my drones and make some money to recoup the repair cost! I could be dreaming, but I think it helps if you make sure the terrain you send them too isn't too hilly. I've taken a new tact early on (i.e., low marine AI). I send NPC's out to deploy all 4 drones relatively close to each other. When it's time to retrieve them, I go myself in a shuttle, set down once and cycle through all for drones from the drone menu, retrieving, emptying and redeploying them. Of course, if you're not the kind of geek who has fun doing menial tasks in a shuttle, you may want to ignore this.
  4. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: [QB] Say what you will about Bill Clinton, but he never allowed his natural urges to interfere with his job. No, from what I understand he went right on working as he satisfied his "urges". Eh, Humor. Right?
  5. Woo Hoo. I just ordered the game on Thursday. I checked my mailbox last night, just to get into the habit of opening the box everyday untill UCAWA arrived. Imagine my surprise when it was already there!! I wanted to post my praise to the postal gods last night, but was so excited that any time I had in front of the PC was spent in-game rather than here.
  6. quote:Originally posted by sainta117: These days she's anchored in the inner harbor in Baltimore, so if anyone wants to see her it's still possible. I thought the Constitution was the only Revolutionary War ship still kicking around. Good to know. I use all sorts of names for the various careers I have running at one time. My "main" career is always named Psirat and his vessel is usually Psiclone (Super Carriers), Psiwind (Heavy Carriers), or Psiber (Cruisers). If I'm Droidian, it's Psilon, of course.
  7. Truth IS stranger than fiction.
  8. Just ordered today, cheap bast*** ... er, frugal chap that I am. I was going to go the digital download route, but I'm not getting warm fuzzies about the copy protection problems. I just realized that all 3 of my "main games" are putting out a new version this year (Oblivion and X3 should be out for Christmas). With 4 kids, I probably won't be seeing either of those before 2006. Better get UC-AWA now. Look forward to it.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Cruis.In: difficult interface? ... Maybe they also have trouble navigating the start menu programs list in windows. For some people, if its not on the desktop, it doesn't exist.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Teknocack Prime: Kind of interesting to go back and see what changed. You know, I like the look of the old interface a little better than the current one. I liked the blue. quote:Originally posted by Teknocack Prime: I'm just having a blast getting blasted from the past! I hear you! I got BCM running on a basement PC (Win98) To show my 12 yr old son. As much fun as it was, it made me appreciate what I have now all the more. Still, I think I'll follow your lead and copy the music over to UC.
  11. I was wondering if the community was still alive. The forums there seem to indicate it is, but I haven't tried connecting (the game is not currently installed). Check their forums out, maybe they mention when people play.
  12. Prez, your comments were well expressed (and not insulting, woo hoo!). I can't say I'm on board with you 100%, but I cannot deny the validity of the idea that by enabling people to actually survive in "poverty" removes the motivation to leave poverty. I must admit that my sympathy is with the working poor, not the sitting around poor. Yes, yes, some people really do have trouble finding work, but it doesn't take long to recognize the ones who are trully looking. They get up. What gets me going is the way that the poor saps who are struggling to make ends meet are getting nickel and dimed to death. Any time they start to get ahead, the haves find a way to squeeze a little more out of the have-nots. Current gas prices are a handy example. I think most would agree that what we're seeing is more a result of the price rising to meet what the market can bear more than the result of a real shortage. I don't think that the ratio of supply to demand has altered by the same precentage that the prices have jumped (am I being as clear as mud?) This drives all prices up and forces some honest hard working people to work more, and see their families less. Mandating car insurance is another example. Sure, it really does help you when some bozo rear ends you, but it's lining someone's pocket. I'm willing to bet not the pockets that need it most. And I can't get away from the belief that the accident of what family/community you're born into has more to do with your life long earnings than the amount you sweat. There are definitely anecdotal examples of people making quantum leaps in economic status (early captains of industry, certain innovative and lucky individuals today), but I believe that statistically they are negligible. I'll admit to not having done the math to back this up, but I hope you see my point. Does the welfare state do more harm then good? As it's currently structured, probably. You gotta teach a man to fish, not hand him a tuna sandwhich. teach him and, maybe, give the dude a net.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Kung-Fu Massa: This thread is starting to get kinda violent. Sorry, if I pulled it that way. It gets my hackles up when someone lables me and expects me to defend positions I never expressed. Chavis and Soback, my "homecoming" remarks were aimed at both of you. Name calling isn't nice, and when used as an excuse to stop listening/thinking... well, it is at best unproductive and at worst, dangerous.
  14. What's my "team", exactly? Did you read my post? I'm trying to find any way that your monologue could be considered a response to anything that I (me, not "them dang liberals") said. I'll help you: You know, as humans we're not limited to binary, black/white, on/off thinking. - That's just a fact. I'm basically objecting to the whole Liberal/Conservative dichotomy that peolple artificially impose on an individual's ideas so that they can stop listening to them. "My team is better than yours." Yeah, see you at homecoming... - this would be called sarcasm. I'm comparing that kind of thinking to High School Football rivalries. Sorry, didn't mean to be too subtle. Wealth, while related to hard work, is not a direct result of it. Luck and initial circumstances have a lot of power. - This is actually exactly what I expressed. Read it a few times and don't add anything that I did not say. I don't believe in equal opportunity, or in Santa (but if you see him, don't tell him I said that). - I've never seen either one. The last part was suppossed to be cute. (Still, don't tell him that I said that.) Please note I've not expressed my opinion on welfare or anyone's Mom. - This was suppossed to help black and white thinkers understand that just because I object to the idea that work = wealth, I had in no way endorsed or objected to a "welfare state". I did not address it at all. Trying to understand how that was too subtle. Basically, I have no interest in sectarian, dogmatic arguments in which one is expected to defend the views of another, just because an opinion given puts them on one side or another of some line drawn in someone else's head. Am I really that hard to understand?
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